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Media from Nurburgring 24h

Last year I returned from Le Mans with a huge cache of pictures, so much so I posted more than 700 of them on Facebook… this year was a little different. I shot a ton of video for my #MarshalCam project but when it came to photos of me I relied on friends to do the honors. And while I haven’t gotten all the shots yet from Le Mans, my good buddy Pol from Belgium was kind enough to share the photos he took of me at the Nurburgring 24h.

nurburgring 24h 2

nurburgring 24h 3

nurburgring 24h 4

nurburgring 24h 5

nurburgring 24h 6

nurburgring 24h 8

nurburgring 24h 9

nurburgring 24h 7

I’m including a bunch of shots from the paddock walk because the experience at Nurburgring was a bit different from my other paddock walks at various events I’ve done. For one, it was pretty huge. Second, different teams were crammed in communal garages so it was almost hard to walk through. Using our credentials we were actually allowed to take a peek in the garages and take some cool photos. The Lexus Gazoo Racing team was my favorite. Third, the whole paddock complex was massively impressive, it was more like a Vegas style convention center than anything else… A full size Audi R8 Ultra LMS Gran Turismo simulator car was the highlight of that facility visit.

nurburgring 3.5

Pol was also kind enough to capture some action shots for me. Especially when I went up to the following post at 121 to do some blue flagging before the end of the race. And here she is, a Lexus LFA blowing past slower traffic with my blue flag nice and big.

A video post will follow at a later date with all the #MarshalCam @MarshalCam interviews, as well as a little teaser from my Le Mans 24h & Nurburgring 24h experience. It was a hell of a trip!