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NASCAR and Grand AM at Watkins Glen International

Volunteered my first NASCAR event this weekend at Watkins Glen International… Surprisingly entertaining ­čÖé Though the Internet forums are abuzz about the Sprint Cup race being one of the best in recent motorsport history. Really?

Two weeks ago I had an opportunity to watch Nationwide and Sprint Cup NASCAR series at Indianapolis Motor Speedway where I’m heading this weekend again for MotoGP, but I decided to pass the tickets to my CouchSufing host and nurse my car back to Michigan which wasn’t feeling too well and I wasn’t really feeling like a spectator. However this time around I actually got to flag the race so it was uber cool.

On Saturday night I thought the highlight of my weekend would be a very exciting Rolex Grand Am race, the second time I worked this series at Watkins Glen though this weekend Continental Tire Challenge were not racing. But Sunday proved me wrong. We only used two flags on each station (with four/five marshals manning each station, pretty unusual sight at WGI) and NASCAR didn’t want to hear many calls we would have normally made for other series like metal to metal contact or four wheels off the track. We couldn’t, even if we wanted to warn the drivers of oil on track or slow moving vehicle as a result, but it all made for an exciting finish. Check it out on YouTube, this french commentary makes it sound that much more interesting: click here.

I should add that the sound NASCAR makes is about as loud as F1 though more to the tune of Formula 5000. A few laps in I found my Comms set was not enough to stop my ears from ringing, every time the pack would pass I felt like there was a helicopter hovering overhead. Luckily I had a set of ear buds ready to use in conjunction with the Comms cans.

Check out my pix on facebook and stay tuned for my first MotoGP at Indy Red Bull GP soon:

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