Aussie CAMS Officials Newsletter Why aren’t more ASN’s doing this?

I wish I still lived in Australia… back in 2009 I didn’t even know marshaling was possible (on a volunteer basis). Having gone to my very first Automotive Race as a spectator flying across the whole country to watch V8 Supercars around the Barbagallo Circuit in Perth, Western Australia I really thought it was the […]

Why No “Sim Flagging” in Sim Racing on iRacing?

I always wondered, with the popularity of Sim Racing among Motorsport fans and race car drivers of all skill levels (from amateur to Formula 1), and visibility of video games like iRacing at many American and international events, why don’t the series/clubs incorporate the “Marshal” role into the experience? iRacing bills itself as “the most authentic […]

What other ASN’s could learn from CAMS: Confederation of Australian Motor Sport

There’s much we could learn from CAMS: Confederation of Australian Motor Sport and I would hope all international ASN’s are taking note of the things this club is doing RIGHT. The latest Officials Newsletter ticks all the right boxes for me: First, there’s a call for action: Marshals Wanted! I really applaud this national ASN reaching […]

Flag Marshal Training Videos (new) from the Motorsport Safety Fund

Over the past few months the Motorsport Safety Fund out in the UK has uploaded a bunch of new Flag Marshal training videos to their YouTube page, and they are bloody brilliant! I firmly believe they should be mandatory training material to all flag marshals regardless where you live in the world, even as a […]

Marshal Cam: TT Assen MotoGP Marshals in Action Video

This morning the FIM MotoGP official YouTube channel featured a beautifully put together video titled: “GoPro Behind the Scenes: A day in the life of a Marshal” from the Assen TT featuring a whole bunch of happy Dutch marshals in their respective roles during the race weekend. Behold the masterfully done video that ought to […]

Blue Flagging: Art, Science or Trained Specialty?

Blue Flag Marshal is my absolutely favorite role when volunteering a Motorsport event. Recently I have started registering for events specifically where I am most likely to blue flag.  This includes endurance sports car events especially those with multiple classes of cars racing and I’ve excluded Formula 1 from my calendar, I will talk about F1 in detail […]

Motorsport Safety Foundation: Safety Car Deployment Survey

The Motorsport Safety Foundation  [a non-profit organization founded by Henrique Cisneros of the TRG Porsche fame to honor the memory of his colleague Sean Edwards who was tragically killed in a crash in Queensland, Australia while instructing an amateur driver (], is conducting a public survey about safety car deployment at various Motorsport events. The […]

NASCAR Track Services On-Site Training

Following some thirty (30) self-paced online training modules hosted by NASCAR & IMSA Track Services this is the final, on-site module: Motorsport Safety Seminar at Watkins Glen International. Why is this such a big deal? Because, since I started marshaling in the US back in 2012, this was my first opportunity for some proper classroom […]

Fire Training Completed Thank You RSI, WGI & NASCAR!

I’m wholeheartedly thankful to the good people at Race Services Inc. Watkins Glen International and NASCAR for providing me with fire training. In my five years of volunteering this was the first time I got an opportunity to pull a pin on a fire extinguisher, I was so excited I did it a few times. […]

Motorsport Safety Seminar / RSI Open House

I’m giddy with excitement to head out on my first road trip in the Miata tomorrow to visit Watkins Glen International for the first time this season for some NASCAR Track Services Training. I’m also excited to see Watkins Glen International promote the event through their facebook page with this poster: This is marketing done […]