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Miata Fiata Talk Episode 3: Chris & Russ talk about the Polar Bear Run with LVMOC, Bear Mountain Cruises and Road Rallies

Have a listen to our latest Miata Fiata Episode recorded right after the Polar Bear Run with Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club in rural Pennsylvania.

After two failed attempts at recording another Miata Fiata Talk episode, we finally got it done! (we recorded two episodes where the audio quality failed us miserably, and since Chris is a stickler for good quality sound, those were throw away episodes).

Fresh after a spirited drive through rural Pennsylvania at LVMOC’s Polar Bear Run we had a nice chat about the experience.

Sakshik has moved to Atlanta, Georgia so he’s sadly missing form this episode, but we do expect to get him back on by linking Skype and Audacity for some remote recordings.

Stay tuned for more and do share some feedback around this episode. Many thanks!

Mazda MX-5: Oil Change at 5,000 miles with Mobil 1 Synthetic 0W-20 & M1-102 filter

File this one under the: “what have you done to your Miata today” category. I changed my oil. It was exactly 5,000 miles since the last service in April, at 37,297 miles which included several 400-500+ mile road trips Upstate New York to Watkins Glen and New England to Thompson Speedway. In fact my father and I changed the oil on both the old Ford Explorer SUV and the Miata, and I mention the Explorer for a reason, because I want to use a different oil the next time I do my service, one that doesn’t turn so dark so quickly.

mazda mx-5 miata oil change mobil 1 synthetic 1

I got a hell of a deal December of last year when walking into a local AutoZone I found a 5-QT jug of Mobil 1 on sale for $5. I bought two. This is the second jug being used. I was reading all about Mobil 1 on Miata.net, and so many people swear by it, but I don’t see what the big deal is, especially when you consider paying the full price which is typically around $27 to $35 depending on the store. The oil turned dark at only 5k miles, about the same shade of dark as the Explorer’s standard Pennzoil 10W-40 at 4k miles, and it’s not synthetic. The feel is about the same on the Miata as on the Explorer. Maybe I had unreasonable expectations for the feel from the Mobil 1.

mazda mx-5 miata oil change mobil 1 synthetic 5

mazda mx-5 miata oil change mobil 1 synthetic 4

mazda mx-5 miata oil change mobil 1 synthetic 3
Mobil 1 Advanced Fuel Economy “Recommended for most Hondas and Toyotas”

But at any rate I think I’ll try something else in the spring time to at least make a comparison for myself. I will stick with 0W-20 weight and full synthetic, but will change the brand.

The options are:

Pennzoil Platinum or Ultra Platinum

pennzoil platinum 0w-20 or ultra platinum 5w-20

Castrol EDGE or Castrol EDGE Extended Performance

castrol edge 0w-20 or castrol edge extended performance 5w-20

I’m also thinking of replacing the Mobil 1 M1-102 oil filter with a K&N version, which seems like it’d be easier to install and remove when the time comes with the wrench instead of trying to work in a tight space the way it is now. The nut seems like a great idea. The filter goes for around $10 to $15 apiece, available at Walmart but probably the most reasonably priced at Moss Miata – $9.95

K&N HP-1002 oil filter

mazda mx-5 miata K&N oil filter HP-1002 k-n

So if anyone has any personal experience with the products I’ve listed above or some other products that I haven’t considered, like for example the $37 a jug Royal Purple synthetic oil, do share your thoughts… please! I would especially be interested to hear from people with a NC Miata so I can base my decisions on something concrete. A real world experience, like I got from Jason for example, Stevie – his 2009 Miata gets Pennzoil Platinum + K&N filter changed on an 8,000 mile interval. That’s impressive!

hello stevie 1 mx-5 miata

Oh yes, besides the recommendations on facebook and Miata.net I am a sucker for Motorsport advertising, hence the BFGoodrich tires for my Miata just like the BFGoodrich sponsored MX-5 Cup series cars (tires might be different but whatever). So which cars use what oil in what series? Well, this Mazda comes to mind using Castrol:

lone star le mans 6 hr of the circuit of the americas 17

& this car in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge using Total:

2015 petit le mans continental tire sports car challenge mx-5 miata

New England Region SCCA Season Finale at Thompson Speedway Debrief

After blowing through $400+ dollars on travel expenses alone for Petit Le Mans, I returned home feeling bummed out that I didn’t quite get my money’s worth from that event. Maybe my expectations were unreasonably high, I don’t know. So to end the year on a high note I decided to take Jessie up on her invite to come to New England Region SCCA season finale at Thompson Speedway for some club racing. Good thing I did!

A number of things went well that I’ll blog about, but I must apologize that on this event I took hardly any pictures so prepare to read a lot of positive words without much photo evidence to illustrate the experience. I’ll write about my foodie tour separately, though I should mention that of all places: Who woulda thunk that Connecticut was such a foodie destination?  Not me… Besides the food, seeing the leaves change color up in New England was neat, it was fall foliage in full effect with various shades of green, yellow and red all around.

ted's steamed cheeseburger meriden ct 4

The drive to Thompson, and well to Massachusetts where Jessie lives, was also to test out the new tires I just bought for my Miazda, which turned out to be a lot worse than I thought they’d be. I’m talking about the BFGoodrich g-Force Comp 2 A/S that I had recently purchased for my 16 inch winter wheels. I don’t know if it’s the aggressive tread pattern or the idea that maybe they weren’t balanced correctly when I had them mounted, I felt a very noticeable but slight vibration throughout the entire trip. It came from the front, I felt it on the steering wheel, I felt it on the gas pedal. But it also came from the rear, because I felt it on the seat as I was driving. So I’m not happy about that. I wish the ride was a bit smoother like the old Yokohama’s I took off to go with the BFG’s. That said I got to test the tires out in the dry for about 200 miles and then another 200 in the wet, and the grip was perfect. So maybe that’s the nature of the design after all?

starter ner scca thompson speedway

I was so glad to catch up with Jessie once again over dinner and for the whole day of racing. She was working Race Control and had a great view of my Starter station below the race control window, which means the only pictures of the event with me in them came from her taking spy shots. Thanks Jessie! Also thanks to her I finally got a chance to experience the Starter role, it was something I wanted to do forever but was never given a chance. I am hooked on this role now and don’t really see how I could go back to regular F&C after this experience. Not willingly anyway…

pumpkinhead beer with cinamon and brown sugar
Jessie introduced me to some delicious new beer: Pumpkinghead served with cinnamon and brown sugar along the rim of the glass, yumm!

As with any SCCA Club Racing there were many Mazda MX-5 Miatas racing. So that was by far my favorite sight to see at the event. Among them was a true red NC Miata with a bunch of Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge stickers, which I assume was a hand me down IMSA car from a few seasons ago. It went very well, much faster than most other NA and NB Miata’s though unfortunately it broke down during the last race of the day. Luckily though I saw it win it’s class during an earlier race in the day, and I’m kind of kicking myself for not taking a picture of the driver receiving a small checkered flag directly under our Start stand for his victory lap (in the paddock – since they weren’t doing them on track because of time constraints). It was awesome to see and I’m very happy for the driver. It was nice to also see “Flatout Racing” stickers on that car and many other Miatas which are apparently rental cars for someone who wants to race but doesn’t have the money to buy a race car. What a cool concept!

flatout racing miata nc 2

flatout racing miata nc 3

flatout racing miata nc 1

flatout racing miata nc 4

flatout racing miata nc 5

flatout racing miata nc 6

Anyway, I had a fantastic trip and I’m very happy I got a chance to go. The New England Region threw a big tent party for the workers at the end of the day with delicious pasta on the menu, and some prizes and other awards for volunteer participation. I was amazed to see that I won something again, a nice envelope with some gas money which basically covered most of my cost to go up there, in fuel anyway. So I came home really happy! Thanks to Jessie! and Thanks to the NER!

One more event of the season and 2015 is in the history books 🙂

…and a few more pictures:

flatout racing miata nb 1

flatout racing miata nb 2

austin cooper s thompson speedway ner scca 1

austin cooper s thompson speedway ner scca 2

austin cooper s thompson speedway ner scca 3

austin cooper s thompson speedway ner scca 5

open wheel race car thompson speedway ner scca

thompson speedway motorsport park

american racer tire wall thompson speedway motorsport park

I love seeing the British influence in New England:

connecticut american ambulance at thompson speedway 3

connecticut american ambulance at thompson speedway 1

connecticut american ambulance at thompson speedway 2

Almost forgot to mention some fuel stats. This time I noticed something interesting, the cheaper New Jersey based BP 93 octane gas seems to give better gas mileage than the more pricey Massachusetts BP 93 octane premium gas. I topped off before I left NJ, re-fueled in MA adding 5.672 gallons  after doing 201.1 miles, getting 35.454 mpg. After reaching home I topped up 6.899 after doing 228.8 miles getting 33.164 mpg. Which leads me to believe NJ gas is superior MA gas all other things being equal. Unlike my previous trips where I normally keep the car between 60 and 70mph, this time I was in a more of a rush doing 70 to 80mph so maybe that was a factor. Overall I did 429.9 miles and used 12.571 gallons, averaging at 34.197 mpg. NJ gas price $2.29/gal for 93 at BP, MA gas price $2.45/gal for 93 at BP.  And now I’m at 5,000 miles since the last oil change, so the little Miazda is due for it’s second service.

Foodie Tour of Central Connecticut, Sampling Steamed CheeseBurgers

With the great success behind the last Foodie Tour of Connecticut sampling their delicious Lobster Rolls I am planning another trip to Thompson Speedway with a detour through Central Connecticut to sample their famous Steamed CheeseBurgers.

The idea for this foodie tour came from the research I did about the lobster rolls, and to be honest the concept of steamed burgers (and the cheese that they are smothered in) is very intriguing so I’m going to plan to visit a few spots to choose my favorite instead of going for the sure-thing that everyone recommends: Ted’s!

As always it’s the night before the trip that I’m planning all of this and so far based on my research I will be making the following stops on my 2+ hour journey… with the visits generally based on when the joint closes (some have short work hours) and where they are in relation to other joints. All of my stops will be in the town of Meredin, Connecticut.

So, First Stop:

The Lunchbox at 620 East Main Street

Middle Stop:

K. LaMays at 690 East Main Street

Final Stop:

Ted’s Restaurant at 1046 Broad Street

I was tempted to add O’Rourke’s in Middletown, CT to the list as they were on the way to Thompson Speedway, but the joint closes way early around 2:30pm which is probably the time I would arrive in Meriden for the other three joints. So off the list it went.

I’m really excited about this trip and the prospect of trying something different. I love food, I love burgers and don’t think I’ve ever had them steamed before. Can’t wait to try first hand and then share my opinion on which one was my favorite.

Check out this video from Ted’s:

Reading some of the Yelp reviews I’m going in with the full expectation that all of these joints will serve greasy food and that I may leave with a stomach ache… and I’m OK with it. Bring it on!

Skippy MX-5 Cup Miata Graveyard at Skip Barber Road Atlanta

The saddest thing I saw all weekend while volunteering at the 2015 Petit Le Mans at Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA this weekend was an MX-5 Cup Miata graveyard near the Skip Barber Racing School facility on the grounds of the Road Atlanta circuit.

No words can describe the sight, so here’s some pictures:

skip barber mx-5 cup miata graveyard road atlanta

skip barber mx-5 cup miata graveyard road atlanta 5

skip barber mx-5 cup miata graveyard road atlanta 3

skip barber mx-5 cup miata graveyard road atlanta 2



skip barber mx-5 cup miata graveyard road atlanta 1

I do remember the #95 car in particular from the previous seasons of Skip Barber Racing during the Playboy MX-5 Cup events, including those during previous Petit Le Mans… but I always assumed those cars were sort of fixed and/or sold off to club racers as Miata fields are huge in SCCA Club Racing, NASA racing, even events like American Endurance Racing (AER). But apparently they die a slow death rusting away in rural Georgia with vegetation growing through the panels.

Too bad!

Looks like a lot of salvageable parts…

Mazda MX-5: Hello Jamie! Pit Stop in New Jersey for a North Carolina Miata Traveling to Massachusetts

Imagine you’re driving your Miata from Raleigh, North Carolina to Schrewsbury, Massachusetts; wouldn’t it be nice to make a pit stop half way to relax, grab some food and chat about marshaling? Well, that’s exactly what Jamie did while on a road trip in his 2013 Miata.

I was glad to hear he was driving through my part of the state and offered to show him a little taste of Jersey. The restaurant of choice was “White Mana” in Hackensack where I work, home of the original slider (little burgers)… long before White Castle took the idea global. White Mana is a great place to eat, chat and watch how sliders are made right in front of you.

white mana hackensack new jersey burger sliders
white mana burger sliders are made fresh, never frozen, served on potato bun cooked to order right in front of you, with diner style seating around the chef

Jamie and I met up at Vince Lombardi Service Area on the NJ Turnpike which I figured would make an easy meeting spot right on i95 before heading to Hackensack. And even there you can’t escape the reach of Motorsports with the big NASCAR official fuel sponsor – Sunoco:

jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 0
one Miata
jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 1
two Miata

jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 3

from Vince Lombardi to White Mana was just a short drive down i80 and of course every opportunity was used to take more Miata pix:

jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 5

jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 4

After we were full, Jamie’s car needed a top off so we passed three BP stations before we reached the most reasonably priced one just near the Garden State Parkway entrance to send Jamie off towards Tappan Zee Bridge and avoiding the big tolls and traffic of going through New York City.

jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 6

jamie in transit nc3 mx-5 miata from nc to ma 7

Not too bad filling up for $2.65/gallon for 93 premium where most other places were from $2.89 to $3.05 including some of those other BP gas stations we passed to get here.

After showing Jamie the way towards New England I broke off down the Palisades Interstate Parkway towards the George Washington Bridge where I remembered the neat spot to take a few beauty shots of the Miata. It’s the place where Rob Ferreti shoots some of his SuperSpeeders YouTube videos and generally a nice place to be with a beautiful view of Manhattan. The little sun shower me and Jamie drove thru was obviously far more severe at the park because most of the parking lot was flooded, which yielded some nice pix:

palisades interstate park george washington bridge mx-5 miata 1

palisades interstate park george washington bridge mx-5 miata 2palisades interstate park george washington bridge mx-5 miata 3

palisades interstate park george washington bridge mx-5 miata 4

All in all it was an excellent day. Anytime you get a chance to meet a fellow Miata owner and also a fellow marshal is an awesome day. Jamie runs the Starter stand, and I had an opportunity to work for/with him at last year’s Petit Le Mans in Road Atlanta. Now that he’s moving up to Massachusetts, the same town where Jessie lives, I’ll probably get an opportunity to learn Start/Finish job from him at some point in the future. And in my marshaling career that is the next position I would like to learn how to volunteer. So stay tuned…

Foodie Tour: On the hunt for Best Lobster Roll in Connecticut

For an idea that popped into my head the night before my road trip to Massachusetts this one worked out really well. I went on a delicious foodie tour of the Connecticut coastline to discover the best tasting hot lobster roll out there. And I found it! Now to be fair, I only visited three out of the five places I researched for this trip, late into the night before leaving. And there are dedicated foodie blogs specifically devoted to this subject that have narrowed down their choices to a number that is in the lower twenties. But still, this is my two cents on the subject and I’m happy to share the story and pictures from my adventure.

So the three places I visited were “Lobster Shack,” “Lobster Landing” and “Lobster Dock.” For those travelling along the i95 corridor from NYC area toward Boston, the exits are as follows: Lobster Shack is exit 53, Lobster Landing is exit 63 and Lobster Dock is exit 83. Pretty easy to remember if that’s all you need to know on your travels. I would even suggest that people hit up all three of them, especially if you find yourself fighting heavy summer or rush hour traffic… why not? It would be the tastiest detour you’d have ever taken!

On my trip, I had the luxury of leaving after rush hour traffic from New Jersey, of course once I cleared New York I hit a wall of unusual traffic (not my words, this was said by “Waze” as the phone app was giving me instructions to re-route via Merritt Parkway and that worked) in Connecticut. Thanks to the detour I made it to my first stop around 2:30pm. The weather was nice and cloudy with a threat of rain so I didn’t have to fight for a parking spot upon my arrival, and they didn’t run out of lobster either. So all was good!

First Stop: Lobster Shack in Branford, CT

lobster roll tour of connecticut lobster shack red barn

The Lobster Shack location is quite conveniently located just a few miles/minutes travel time from the Interstate. Situated right on the water with a bunch of fishing boats in the marina.

lobster roll tour of connecticut lobster shack speed limit

Got a parking spot right by the “shack” which has obviously seen a makeover… the business of selling lobster must be good because everything looked shiny and new!

lobster roll at lobster shack in connecticut

The menu. I made a foolish assumption in my planning post that these places fill up your order with fries and coleslaw to justify the price of the lobster roll. But I was wrong. For $16 you get just the lobster roll, no fries or coleslaw. Which is exactly what I was looking for. I knew I was going to be stopping at a few of these eateries and didn’t want to fill up too quickly. I’ve never heard anyone say: “Oh I’m so full on lobster,” never! Seeing the “Whaler” Lobster Roll on the menu was intriguing, but this being the first stop and the benchmark for my future stops I wanted to stick to the original.

lobster roll at lobster shack in connecticut menu

It was really good. The roll came wrapped in tin foil, and I asked for a little extra melted butter and lemon on the side. All the while I was thinking to myself: “This is what rich people must feel like” when indulging on something you don’t get to eat every day. It was worth every penny… and I wolfed it down in probably no more than a minute. I was hungry, this was breakfast and I was craving for more.

lobster shack in branford connecticut outdoor seating marina

I left the outdoor seating area overlooking the marina, punched in the next destination into my GPS and I was off!

Second Stop: Lobster Landing in Clinton, CT

lobster roll tour of connecticut lobster landing

I didn’t have to drive very long to reach Lobster Landing. Clinton, CT is only about twenty minutes from the first stop, and exactly ten exits away on the Interstate. Also very close from exit 63 on i95 and also located on the waterfront with plenty of fishing boats in the water behind the restaurant. This place looked far more authentic with a wooden floor that creaked under your every step. The old building with the sign in the picture is where you could purchase fresh seafood, while the restaurant part to place the order was to the left of the car in a separate area.

It was here that I overheard someone called Andrew from the Thrillist magazine/blog doing a story about best lobster rolls in New England. He was chatting with Mr. Bacci the owner and I offered to take a picture of them together, Andrew did the same for me:

mr bacci from lobster landing in clinton ct

Talk about being in the right place and at the right time. Mr. Bacci heard me and Andrew talking about blogging about lobster rolls and brought out some books to give to us, a guide to Lobster Shacks in New England. Completely and totally unexpected gesture of kindness that has never happened to me before. I was very appreciative and couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the Lobster Landing version of the lobster roll.

lobster landing menu lobster roll

My order came out shortly after I placed it. And I got to enjoy it right on the dock overlooking the boats next to their iconic building (dare I say shack?).

lobster landing hot lobster roll and book on lobster shacks thanks mr. bacci

Thanks for the book Mr. Bacci!

lobster landing hot lobster roll

Now that I could compare the two lobster rolls with my previous stop, I did enjoy this one more because of the way the lobster meet was on the bun. Instead of large chunks, including clearly identifiable pieces from the claw and the tail, the meat was chopped up and nicely lubricated so that each bite was consistent and delicious. You can obviously still spot all the different meat inside the bun, but none of the chunks fell out as I was wolfing it down, and there was a great mixture of butter and lemon for an outstanding taste.

At Lobster Landing you don’t pay until after you finish your meal, and as I was getting a bit thirsty I ordered an ice cream instead so I don’t fill up too much on water. I was still craving for more and didn’t want to ruin my appetite by drinking too much as I tend to do.

Third Stop: Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock in New London, CT

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct

And without wasting any more valuable time I programmed my GPS for the final stop hoping I make it there before they run out of lobster. This was a legitimate concern of mine as after researching the “best” places to eat lobster rolls the comments kept coming up that it’s possible that a place may no longer have this crucial item on the menu after a certain time of the day due to it’s popularity.

The drive to New London, CT was a little while. I always play with patterns based on my observations, so since the previous two places were exit 53 and exit 63 respectively I thought what would be the odds that the next one is exit 73. It wasn’t… but it was pretty damn interesting. Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock is off of exit 83!

Its a bit of a drive through the city to get to the marina where this restaurant sits right along the rail road tracks, which was pretty neat when I noticed Amtrak’s Acela go by in both directions in a short span of time. I wonder if the NY to Boston commuters know what a gem they are seeing out of their windows?

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct 1

The first thing I noticed about this place is the shiny new food truck parked outside… must be nice to be in the lobster business!

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct 2

But the actual restaurant looked even more impressive. Of the three I visited this one was the most touristy on a commercial scale.

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct menu

Pretty impressive menu, and with a big menu like that come choices:

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct choice

For foodies like me, you have an option to sample a smaller lobster roll for $11.95 or go for the full size version for $16.95. Both come with a side of coleslaw. Did I go for the small version? Nope! Got the full size option and got a bowl of New England Clam Chowder to sample also.

captain scott's lobster dock seats

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct new england clam chowder

captain scott's lobster dock in new london ct new england lobster roll with lemon

Everything came out very quickly and I was munching away and enjoying the experience on the dock. Here the lemon is served as a slice and the bread looks different. The chunks of lobster are similar to the Lobster Shack on my first stop, the taste was also very similar. Of the lobster anyway, the bread did taste differently but the combination was delicious. The New England Clam Chowder on the other hand was quite watery and the pieces of clam swimming around very very small and few. I always use a local shop in NJ as my benchmark because they make the most amazing New England clam chowder (loaded with fresh clams the size of potatoe chunks) so this one was a bit generic. But it filled me right up and I was very happy with the whole foodie tour. In all I spent almost $70 bucks for this “lunch” but the experience will last a lifetime.

The most beautiful bit at Captain Scott’s was the dock area:

miata at captain scott's lobster dock 3

miata at captain scott's lobster dock

miata at captain scott's lobster dock 1

miata at captain scott's lobster dock 2

If someone were to organize a Miata meet with a “lobster roll” cruise through Connecticut I would be the first to sign up, it was such an Adventure! Someone even said I drive a Lobster Red Miata, I don’t know about that…

captain scott's lobster dock


PS. if there’s any doubt about the freshness of the seafood, I went snooping around in the “fish store” area of some of the places I visited, and found some happy live lobsters swimming around:

lobster landing fresh seafood

Lobster Landing above and Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock below.

captain scott's lobster dock fresh seafood

Mazda MX-5: New York City Road Trip to the Bronx

There’s no better car to go cruising around New York City than a Miata, especially with the top down – it’s a perfect car for sightseeing. For the second time this month I had an opportunity to drive all the way to NYC and my Miata has made me fall in love with the city again and again.

I think people living in New Jersey take NYC for granted. It’s so close and yet a world away. It’s not always easy to get to even though we live in the best country in the world our transportation system sucks. I think many see it as a chore making the effort to go to the city. It’s not cheap or terribly convenient. When taking public transport, the expense, the traffic the crowds – suck. Or driving your own car and paying more for the tolls than anyone could really justify ($15 bux!!!), dealing with traffic, the gridlock, the pot holes big enough to blow a tire or crack a rim – destroy your alignment, the lack of parking and the ease of earning a ticket from the NYPD… it all adds up to avoiding the experience altogether.

But what an awesome city New York is! My job sent me to check out some vehicles they wish to purchase from their NYC affiliate with headquarters in the South Bronx. A very quick 20 minute ride with no traffic from my office in Hackensack across the George Washington bridge and down the Major Deegan past the Yankee Stadium. The garage was only a few blocks away from Bruckner Expressway I took to get to the Third Avenue bridge on my way to Long Island when picking up the RX-8 donut for my car. This time I noticed something new along the way: beautiful street art, graffiti. And it was a perfect backdrop for an impromptu photo shoot. I popped a u-ey, backed up onto the sidewalk, and snapped away… before the parking cop shooed me away:

mazda 2

mazda 1

mazda 3

mazda 4

mazda south bronx graffiti

So it turns out that part of the Bronx is called Port Morris. Definitely not the most dangerous part of town as the South Bronx is typically portrayed in the media with countless crimes, dangerous gangs and stolen cars left on cinder blocks or torn apart in the chop shops. It was a beautiful experience.

From there I decided to go home via Manhattan again, taking the FDR down to 42nd street and cruising along with the top down across town admiring NYC architecture along the way. From the beautiful facade of the Grand Central, to the art-deco style of the Chrysler building, the hussle and bustle of Time Square and of course the very touristy area of 42nd Street. Loved the experience of driving with many of the tourists checking out the car and taking pictures of it. It was great. I gotta do this more often!

I <3 New York

PS. The Miata is a perfect Motorsport Tourism vehicle so long as there’s a party of 1 travelling without luggage (on account that the RX-8 donut takes up most of the trunk space). Next time one of my marshal buddies visits NYC I’m definitely taking them for a ride in the MX-5.