Hot Wheels Gulf Series Car Culture

After much searching around and at least a dozen fruitless trips to the local stores, I finally found the awesome Gulf Racing livery Hot Wheels Cars I wanted: While there are five cars in this premium Car Cultute series, I picked out my favorites to my growing collection. They look soooo good!

2019 Hot Wheels Collection Wish List

This year is off to a good start, looking at what Mattel has come out with for both Hot Wheels and Matchbox lines, I’m going to be busy hunting for the cool stuff. My goal is to snatch all the GT3 race cars that will be out this year. This includes mainline and premium models. […]

Wish Prototypes Looked More Like Actual Cars

While many of my friends are busy volunteering this weekend, from MotoGP races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to Tudor United SportsCar Series at Road America to NASCAR at Watkins Glen; I am stuck at work wishing I was somewhere else… picking fights on my facebook timeline with brainwashed Singaporeans and browsing the Internet for pictures […]