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Cars & Coffee Paramus New Jersey November 2016

Autumn is winding down. Fall foliage has been reduced to leaves waiting in piles on the side of suburban streets, to be sucked up by the DPW trucks… things are about to get pretty gray for a couple of months over the winter. Let a little color cheer you up this weekend. I went to a local Cars & Coffee in Paramus to see some awesome cars on display for everyone’s enjoyment!

I spent a whole of five minutes running around taking pictures, but I’m quite happy I got out of bed early this Sunday morning for this amazing opportunity, enjoy:


Surprised my car looks so good even when it definitely needs a wash.



The one thing that stood out at me was the amount of Lotus Espirit’s that showed up for this event.













Lots of SRT-8 Challengers and colorful Hellcats in attendance too…














That’s all folks… I think there’s one more of these next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to make it!

Cars & Coffee at Prestige BMW in Ramsey Presented by Lamborghini Paramus & McLaren Bergen County

What’s crazier than Northern New Jersey weather? Warm enough to put the top down in the convertible one day followed by freezing temps and a dusting of snow the next… The car nuts of course… they are crazier! Because there was a ton of them at the Cars & Coffee organized by Cars & Caffe LLC and hosted by Prestige BMW in Ramsey, co-presented by Lamborghini Paramus and McLaren of Bergen County (other fine Prestige brands…) early this Sunday morning… church for car people as I call it. Luckily we have a lot more fancy dealers as hosts to choose from for future events including Radical just down the road from BMW… Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, already had a Maserati event, perhaps Rolls Royce and Bentley would be up for it in the near future…

Where else can you compare the tininess of your Miata against the girth of a Ferrari 458 or a Lamborghini Gallardo?

Here of course. At the Cars & Coffee. Where some people take the event so seriously they bring the whole family along. I’m still trying to figure out where they parked the minivan although I guess it could of been an SUV that brought a whole clan of well-groomed Arabic speaking teens or an equally large group of Filipinos. One thing for sure, the variety of people and cars was outstanding!

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 2

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 4

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 5

Miata Ferrari sandwich. Not one but two awesome 458’s with a California plated MX-5… again I did not manage to meet it’s owner.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 6

McLaren P1 Spider? Oh yes, and those Z3 Coupes were well rep’d!

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 3

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 7

Luckily we didn’t get much snow in my town but cars heading southbound on the highway I was going north on definitely had a few inches of snow that the owners didn’t bother to clean off. It was a very dramatic thunder and lightning storm overnight that made my dog Maxi Max jump in my bed and hide under the covers.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 8

The star of the show for sure… a Lancia Stratos with French plates!

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 9

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 10

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 11

Best part of the dealership hosting the event on such a bone-chilling cold day was the warmth of it’s showroom floor, complete with a wonderful coffee machine where the ten deep line of kids made the wait a little lengthy but long enough to warm up. I loved the classic BMW’s on display, the Lime Rock Edition M3, a 700 Coupe, a 3.0CSi, some cool McLarens, Lamborghini Countach, Ford GT in Gulf colors.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 12

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 13

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 14

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 15

Outside some awesome looking classics too. Like this right hand drive Toyota Soarer across from a Ford Pick up and a Chevy Impala the ’60’s version not the more modern front wheel drive junk.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 16

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 17

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 18

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 20

American muscle: Hellcat. Italian sports car: Gallardo. Japanese…

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 21

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 19

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 22

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 23

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 26

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 25

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 24

It’s a great time to be growing up as a kid in America. You like cars? Come out to one of these Cars & Coffee and enjoy the hell out of it!

Cars & Caffe Bergen County hosted by a Maserati dealer

This sunny Sunday morning I was late for work because of a local car show I decided to take a sneak peek at. The Maserati of Bergen County dealership in Upper Saddle River, NJ hosted a monthly Cars and Caffe event (I guess it’s like Cars and Coffee of Orange County fame only slightly different to avoid a legal challenge for the naming rights or something, sounds better than Cars & Carburetors in Connecticut ). It was a nice day to go cruising around “topless” in the Miata and check out some gorgeous exotic cars.

While merging onto Route 17 driving up to the venue I got passed by a grey NC1 Miata with NY plates… Awesome! I figured that person was also going to the same event, but it was just a fellow MX-5 owner enjoying a drive with the top down going about his business, when I exited the road he continued towards Upstate New York.

cars and caffe bergen county 13

When I pulled into the lot it was fairly full, so I followed a McLaren MP4-12C (it says so on his custom license plate) around the lot looking for a spot to tuck in. And I found it between a Bentley Continental GT convertible and a Maserati Gran Turismo looking thing with fake Italian plates. (assuming they’re fake, Italian plates are typically white)

cars and coffee bergen county

The overflow parking lot was full of cars of all makes and models. From your typical variety of Chevy Corvettes, to Ford SVT Lightning, Jeep Wranglers, BMW’s, Porsches, Ferraris of various vintage, some old school Alfa Romeos, a really old SAAB in amazing shape, and of course my Miata.

The main lot in front of the dealership had three (3) yes… three P1 McLarens… the ultra rare specimens that you’d only find on the streets of Monaco or Singapore… yep, we got plenty of them here in Bergen County, New Jersey. I loved to see the McLaren-Mercedes SLR there though it was a bit gaudy with massive aftermarket wheels.

And so a few minutes of walking around, a few snaps and I was back on the highway rushing to the office… back to work. Enjoy the pix:

cars and caffe bergen county 3

cars and caffe bergen county 2

cars and caffe bergen county 5

So plastic… I appreciate BMW i8 for what it is but not sure if I like it.

cars and caffe bergen county 6

I think the McLaren owners were taking hot chicks for joy rides.

cars and caffe bergen county 4

cars and caffe bergen county 7

cars and caffe bergen county 11

cars and caffe bergen county 12

And some classics:

cars and caffe bergen county 8

cars and caffe bergen county 9

cars and caffe bergen county 14

cars and caffe bergen county 10

I was thinking why don’t the younger kids volunteer in Motorsports from this area of New Jersey and New York City metropolitan area and it’s probably because of events like these. Parents take their kids to one of these cars and coffee events, they get a free brunch sponsored by the dealer hosting the event. The kids pretend to be Shmee 150 of YouTube fame chasing around the parking lot taking snaps of McLaren P1’s and Lamborghini Aventadors, encouraging the owners to rev them up so they see flames shooting out the exhaust and then they go home and do whatever people do on a normal weekend. The event only takes 3 hours of their time, it’s held on a sun shining day and everyone’s happy. Who would want to marshal on the side of the track in the sun and heat for 12 hours a day with the possibility of getting soaked in a random shower, hoping to catch a glimpse of a car you like… but you are explicitly forbidden taking pictures of it or otherwise admiring it because you have a job to do… standing stiff and holding that yellow flag at the ready.

There’s got to be a good way of encouraging people to marshal.