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Post Card from the Dummy Grid at Memorial Day PWC LRP Grand Prix

Fantastic Memorial Day weekend at the races… Lime Rock Park was fantastic to me. I have grown to absolutely love the Pirelli World Challenge series. And best part I got to work as a backup starter… so there was a lot of downtime. I was in the prime spot to see the cars up close, and as a result there was ample opportunity to take some pix. So this is my Saturday Race Day mega gallery… enough talking here’s the pix:

Free breakfast for the marshals how thoughtful! Thanks Skip Barber

Miata Racing is the main reason I signed up to do this event!

They split TC from TCA/TCB races, so it was much easier to see the current MX-5 Cup cars winning a race…

New flavor of SAC racing skittles cars…

Hhhmm… I didn’t know Volvo and GM had a relationship… I knew about SAAB/Scania but Volvo GM – WHITEGMC is news to me… kind of cool though!

This is such a beautiful and completely appropriate paint job… for this event!


The driver of this #70 also raced (and won in) the TCA MX-5 Cup car

Thanks to Chris Booth for taking some pix of me with the cars in the paddock during lunch time.

He sells Miata parts apparently ­čÖé

…after doing donuts in Turn 1 and returning to pit lane counter race

The series starter gave me a small gift: A Guardian Angel… Awwww!

I am so grateful to everyone that made this weekend possible for me. Thanks to the folks at Lime Rock Park, to the series: Pirelli World Challenge and of course Chris Booth for taking some pix for me. Thank you all very much! See you at the next one.

Flag Marshal Training Videos (new) from the Motorsport Safety Fund

Over the past few months the Motorsport Safety Fund out in the UK has uploaded a bunch of new Flag Marshal training videos to their YouTube page, and they are bloody brilliant! I firmly believe they should be mandatory training material to all flag marshals regardless where you live in the world, even as a refresher.

Go. Watch. Now!

The videos are very brief and to the point, and quite enjoyable to watch. Even if you feel you know everything there is to know about flagging, it’s worth watching them again. I would highly recommend these especially to American marshals looking forward to marshaling in Europe to see the little differences we have with them. Check them out please!

FREE Marshal Training Videos

There is little doubt in my mind that the better marshals are trained the better quality racing we get to enjoy as Motorsport enthusiasts. And while not every organization or club offers regular training to their volunteers, there are organizations out there providing valuable training material FREE of charge for everyone to benefit from. It is up to you to take advantage of such generosity!

I am of course talking about the Motorsport Safety Fund (motorsportsafetyfund.com/) And even though I have talked about their helpful videos before, and have plastered permanent links to those videos on each page of this web site, it’s worth the effort to promote the videos time and again especially in the winter off season when many of us Motorsport volunteers have too much free time on our hands, because we’re not trackside.

Lets start out with an introduction to Motorsport Marshaling:

fast forward to minute marker 13:28 to watch Race Marshaling if you wish to skip Rally Marshaling information (though its very useful).

Vehicle Recovery: Safety

Vehicle Recovery: Initial Response & Assessment

Vehicle Recovery: Snatching

Vehicle Recovery: Straight Tow (Flat Tow)

Vehicle Recovery: Lift Tow

Vehicle Recovery: Flatbeds / Tilt Bed

Vehicle Recovery: Full Lift (Wrecker)

Vehicle Recovery: Reprise (for the Racing Driver!)

Vehicle Recovery: New Circuit Operators (Truck Drivers/Not Marshals)

Vehicle Recovery: Radios (Communications)

Motorsport Fire Fighting:

There are a number of other useful videos from the Motorsport Safety Fund that I have omitted from this post to keep it concise and focused on circuit racing. Plenty of marshals volunteer for rallies which the Motorsport Safety Fun does a great job in capturing best practices on video to help you be a better marshal. The ones I posted above are a great start, but remember even if you know exactly what you are doing it’s worth refreshing your knowledge by watching these videos. Keeping in mind that some tracks do things differently, though following the advice in the videos you would be very smart to ask whomever you are working with on the game plan for a particular response or plan of action.

I hope you find these videos as useful as I think they are, and remember to spread the word and share the videos with your friends and colleagues to make all of us better marshals working for the same goal: SAFETY in Motorsport!

Motorsport Safety Fund: youtube.com/user/MotorsportSafetyFund

Motorsport Safety Fund: Videos

I’m thrilled to share with the readers my latest find, the Motorsport Safety Fund training videos which were uploaded to YouTube recently (previously only available to the MSA marshals in the UK), here:┬áhttp://www.youtube.com/user/MotorsportSafetyFund

What’s the big deal about these training videos?

They should be required watching for any new marshals like me or even experienced marshals to refresh their skills. While nothing beats on the job training as many would have you believe, knowing the principles and concepts first helps to deal with situations greatly. It prepares you by managing your expectations, and having seen something happen before, albeit on TV. This info is priceless! Thank you very much Motorsport Safety Fund for this kind gesture in sharing the videos with the marshals worldwide. Everyone benefits by knowing the same info, especially when working together in a diverse setting of a major international event.

The fire training video was most helpful to me, personally. It is one aspect of training I have yet to have any hands-on experience with: