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Mazda MX-5: Dash Cam Video from the Polar Bear Run around Penn’s Lehigh Valley

A few short clips from my dash cam, recorded on New Year’s Day while cruising around the hills surrounding Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with the LVMOC group on their annual Polar Bear run. This was such a fantastic experience even though the weather was a little gloomy and there were a few flurries along the way:

The driving was lead and follow. Pretty slow at times. Obeying local speed limits and traffic signs. The group was about 26 cars, many had CB communication, while I was just enjoying listening to the engine and transmission go through the gears.

I loved seeing all the red barns along the way. They were such a great contrast to the otherwise dull surroundings. It was awesome.

We also passed a lot of dairy farms, corn fields, vineyards and wineries. And every once in a while we all re-grouped and continued. Here’s a nice shot of all the cars in attendance.