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Do Brake Pads Have an Expiration Date? I bought some Old New OEM Mazda Pads at Discount on eBay

Would you buy new brake pads on eBay that have potentially sat around for a number of years in a warehouse somewhere?

I just did.

Why? Because it was cheaper and a good way for me to use up the silly amount of discounted eBay gift cards I bought a while back with no way of using them now that eBay has changed their policies towards buying gift cards with other gift cards. My local Shop Rite supermarket had a $20 off deal for purchase of $100 in gift cards. For some reason I chose to buy eBay and then it dawned on me that I can no longer use those eBay cards to buy gas cards on eBay like the many BP, ExxonMobil and Sunoco gift cards I bought in the past. So I was stuck with about $150 in cash tied up in those eBay gift cards. Once a month lately, eBay has been offering a generous coupon to help prop up their sales numbers. Last week it was $10 off $50 that I used to buy that Miata rear-spoiler from Taiwan I posted about, this year it was $15 off $75 purchase which I scrambled to find an excuse to put to good use.

Do I need brake pads? Not yet… but I found a deal. There was a seller offering overstock items at a significant discount. Front pads, part # NFY7-33-23Z were listed for just under $40 dollars while brand new are offered for $88 on Quirk Parts online or $128 list price from the Mazda dealer. Rear pads, part # NFY7-26-48Z were listed for $35 dollars while brand new are offered for $72 on Quirk Parts and $105 list price at the Mazda dealer.

First, what the hell are they so expensive for online? or at the dealer?

I paid something like $20 bux per set for my Ford and Jeep brakes from Advance Auto Parts or AutoZone. What makes these OEM Mazda pads so much more special?

But after using the $15 off $75 discount, and paying with eBay gift cards with the 20% discount off of $60, the final cost out the door with free shipping was about $48, and they were delivered within a week. So all in all a great deal.

Visually they look absolutely perfect. Who says brake pads at a parts store don’t sit on the shelf for years? Hopefully they perform as good as new also. They are after all brakes and it is absolutely crucial that they work well. But considering that the material they are made of doesn’t degrade with age I have confidence they will work well.

My current brake pads are about half way worn so it may take a while before these are put to use.

A day before leaving on my 3500 mile road trip down to Florida I also noticed one of the relays under the hood had a weird crack, with the plastic top of the relay completely missing. It was my guess that the previous owner had issues starting the car and some fat-fingered mechanic must have cracked the relay trying to check if it was good… so I went on eBay and searched for options to replace it. The relay works fine I am just not comfortable with the plastic being cracked like that. New relays were listed for $37 bux or so… I found a used one for $9.99 with a “Make an Offer” option… so I did what many eBay buyers do to me as a seller, I lowballed… My $5 offer was declined, but a $6 was accepted… with free shipping.

The eBay part from a junk yard in Texas.

With electric bits I’m a bit more weary what I buy for the car. But it being 10 years old already I would rather put a used relay/fuse in than a brand new one to make sure compatibility. Silly? Maybe… but we’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep the cracked top relay in the trunk just in case.