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Post card from Northeast Grand Prix at Lime Rock Park

First race of the season (and ironically possibly last as there are so few events at Lime Rock this year) got off to a wonderful yet traditionally wet start. I have completed my first visit to Lime Rock Park for the Continental Tire SportsCar Championship race this Memorial Day weekend. It was low key, but generally good, I have nothing but praise for the way everything went.

Though I brought my GoPro with me I played by the rules and didn’t even take it out of my bag all weekend. Perhaps it’s unfortunate since there were a few moments where I could have shot some nice videos for the Marshal Cam project including doing an on track interview of a fellow marshal. But between the schedule and the often heavy rain it didn’t happen. None of the dickheads that gave me a hard time over using photo/video equipment before were actually present for this weekend, we were so short on marshals that even the flag chief was manning a station at the start line of which I’m very jealous. But I’m glad that the region has hired some new help to work Lime Rock events so perhaps once the cancer that was spread by the stubborn old farts before results in a change of attitude of why we participate at these events. Based on what I saw things went exceptionally well, so more of that in the future, please!

I was lucky to work turn 1 for Friday’s practice which allowed me to flag a number of exciting spin offs and contacts with the tire wall in the runoff. But the real highlight of my trip was working the Uphill station on race day. I had never seen so many cars, go wheels up on practically every lap, and somehow not crash upon landing. The Porsche GT3 Cup was fantastic to watch. And we had a troop of photographers constantly with us snapping away. Some placed themselves in a rather dangerous position next to the ARMCO at the likely point of impact. Few of them got sprayed by dust from the cars that inevitably hit the patch of dirt before recovering and continuing on with their race. But it makes me wonder whether people think about the outcome… when a Porsche 911 GT3 or any other car for that matter has it’s front wheels up in the air, it effectively has NO steering. How could they feel they are safe at an impact zone?

At any rate, I had fun. Got to test my Coleman tent before the trip to Europe. Snapped a few pics of myself to keep the memories, so I’m happy. Hopefully Lime Rock brings some more good racing back to this track. We lost ALMS and Grand-Am, and all we are left with is a watered down version of the old Grand-Am support race. Oh well!

northeast grand prix lime rock 2

northeast grand prix lime rock 3

Trans Am at Lime Rock

My fourth event in just a month how awesome. This Memorial Day weekend I’m at Lime Rock Park in Connecticut for their Trans Am series of racing. Ironically no racing on Sunday for a number of reasons including a small church nearby objecting to noise. So for the longest time there hasn’t been any racing on Sunday, and this year no racing on Monday either even though it has been traditionally a host to events as a public holiday. Tough times?

The weekend started awkwardly, my first time working with other Northern New Jersey SCCA members and the first reaction to my participation was “How did you get into this?” continued with “we don’t let our members in major events for at least three years.” Pretty harsh ain’t it? Reminded me why I didn’t get involved at home sooner, thank goodness I’m good enough for Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.

lime rock trans am 2

lime rock trans am 3

lime rock trans am 4

Once the racing was under way it was an absolute blast. Lime Rock nestled in a mountainous region between New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut is the greenest track I’ve ever been to. It was absolutely excellent. While the track is short and narrow there was plenty of action at both station 2 and 10 where I was positioned for the two days as a flag marshal… err corner worker. All in all it was a great success and I’m looking forward to returning there regularly. I also used an opportunity to make some new friends through CouchSurfing so it will be a very meaningful trip next time I go.

Stay tuned for Detroit’s Belle Isle Grand Prix next week.