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Nürburgring 24h Register Now!

Dear friends and colleagues,

The registration process to marshal the ADAC Nürburgring 24 hour in May 2015 has started. Do register now!

While many Europeans have already started receiving their applications, mine has yet to reach the shores of the US of A. Thanks to a fellow marshal from Germany for sharing the news on the Flag Marshals of the World facebook group. Christoph also made the effort to translate the application into English in case your Deutsch is a little rusty.

nurburgring 24h

Do check out the Flag Marshals of the World facebook group for details or get in touch with me directly for the application. And for Christoph’s translation should you require it:

translated application nurburgring 24h
Translated Nürburgring 24h application for ADAC

If you haven’t decided whether or not to consider Nürburgring 24h for your marshaling calendar in 2015, take into account the fact that World Touring Car Championship (WTCC) will be a support race taking place on the legendary Nordschleife. Let that sink in…

…and if that isn’t convincing enough, check out how much fun I had this year:

See you in Germany next May!


Nürburgring 24h official page: http://www.24h-rennen.de/

Flag Marshals of the World: facebook.com/groups/91128600751/

UPDATE: On Monday December 8th my invitation/registration application arrived via snail mail. Happy as can be 🙂

Post Card from Germany, the 24 hours of Nurburgring on the Nordschleife

Greetings from the green hell! My very first and super exciting visit to the Nürburgring. Not only am I at the “Ring” I’m on the Nordschleife for the 24 hour of Nürburgring race… sweeeet!

The Ring is my second official stop on my two week European Road Trip that also included the 24 hours of Le Mans as well as a touristy visit to Spa-Francochamps and Zolder in Belgium.

First impressions of Nürburgring are as expected… WOW! it’s very open to the spectators, it’s huge… but there’s also something very unexpected about my station assignment. I really thought I’ll be in the middle of nowhere, bogged down in the woods, covered in mud with no opportunity to take a shower for days. Nothing could be further from the truth being stationed at Post 120 in Adenau. I found myself literally in a small village, surrounded by civilization. Short walking distance to a small cafe appropriately named: Cafe zur Nurburgring, with a number of other cafe’s and restaurants nearby, several supermarkets and a bunch of spectators that had an excellent view of our corner that involved a sharp turn on a bridge with a steep incline of a hill.

The team couldn’t be any nicer to me. I had a great time socializing with our Belgian and German hosts, paid a visit to the paddock which involved taking several shuttle buses to get to. And even got a ride around the Nordschleife with my post chief. Couldn’t ask for more!

The race was fantastic. There were only two of us on shift, so waving the blue flag was a delight, I got plenty of opportunity to do it. One of our German colleagues on the other shift commented: “You’re very hot for this flag!” …. Yessir I was… I didn’t come to the Ring for camping! 🙂 Pol was fantastic, did all the driving from Le Mans and back to Belgium, and I had an amazing time. Would love to do it again in the future.

nurburgring 5

nurburgring 4

nurburgring 2

nurburgring 3

nurburgring 3.5

nurburgring 24h