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Mazda MX-5 Miata: Pennsylvania Road Trip Yuengling Brewery Visit + PA Dutch Foodie Tour

Every time I’ve taken a trip down i78 through Pennsylvania whether my last road trip to Florida or the trips to Alabama and Virginia before it, I thought: “Wouldn’t it be cool to organize a Yuengling Brewery Tour Miata Cruise?” Yes! Yes, it would… Today we made it happen.  My buddy Bill and I headed out first thing in the morning, on this freezing cold day where my whole car was covered in frost. But the weather warmed up, and we had a blast.

I wanted to invite as many Miata people as would come, but realizing that this is potentially a “Drinking & Driving” event, I didn’t want to open the door for any irresponsible behavior. So neither Bill nor I really drink alcohol, it was reasonable to have a small sampling of beer paired with fine Pennsylvania Dutch food before and after the brewery visit.

First stop was Dutch Kitchen in Frackville, PA off of I81 for some Gingerbread Hotcakes… Mmmm yummm!

It was soooo delicious! Now we were ready for the tour. I’ve done the Yuengling Brewery visit before a couple of years ago, and since then there’s been some changes. For one, the building across the street has been turned into the Gift Shop and the starting point of the tour. It’s the old Yuengling Ice Cream building, which looks really neat. But the actual brewery place rocks. Very educational experience and I enjoyed it very much. Could really appreciate how such a small operation can have such a big reach along the Eastern Seaboard.

Of course the sampling of beer on tap was outstanding.

I asked for the medicinal option since I am once again fighting the flu. Not sure if it worked, but it was delicious.

My favorite experience was the photo op with the Miatas.

After this sobering photo shoot in the freezing cold, it was time to warm up driving some twisty roads to Hawk Mountain and checking out the bird sanctuary there…

From there we were hungry enough for the final stop of the day: lunch at Deitsch Eck – Dutch Corner in Lenhartsville, PA

Not sure what part of the day was my favorite… everything we did had it’s awesome highlights! We actually planned on doing much more but unfortunately ran out of day light. Next time perhaps we’ll incorporate a visit to the Pocono’s on this trip, checking out Jim Thorpe Twp called the Switzerland of the US, or maybe checking out Amish country and sampling some of their delicious hoke-cooked food. Not sure but I definitely want to do this trip again! Summer time would be ideal, but Fall Foliage season would be even better.

Stay tuned…

Thanks to Bill for this awesome Pennsylvania Road Trip…

Post Card from Deitsch Eck in Lenhartsville, PA Winter MX-5 Miata Cruise

The final stop on our day trip to Pennsylvania for the Yuengling Brewery Tour in Pottsville was a late lunch at Deitsch Eck in Lenhartsville, PA

We took the scenic route to get there via Hawk Mountain. Miata people may remember Hawk Mountain especially from the Lehigh Valley Miata Club January 1st tradition called the “Polar Bear Run” where they spend about two hours zig zagging and zoom zooming along to Hawk Mountain… taking the more direct route we arrived there in minutes. And I have to say even the main roads were plenty twisty and scenic!

I loved seeing all the Christmas Tree fields… especially now in December just before Christmas it’s big business. There were evergreen fields all over, and I really wanted to check them out because of my little Colorado Blue Spruce project where I’ve planted about 100 trees from seed (they’re  not trees yet, but I’m hoping in 10 years they will be nice and tall).

This place must look amazing in the summer time or during fall foliage season… but I bet it gets super crowded too being such a close driving distance to Philadelphia.

Next stop: LUNCH!

The burgundy car corner…

Scrapple with Dutch Fries

Apple Butter

Our plan was to continue the tour northward to Jim Thorpe, PA for a scenic tour of the gateway to the Poconos… Wikipedia calls it the Switzerland of the US… and then follow the Pocono route to i80 to go into New Jersey through the Delaware Water Gap… but with only 1 hour of daylight left, we decided to call it a day and head home.

Welcome to New Jersey!

Love the side profile of a moving Miata…

What a great day!

Yuengling Brewery Tour Pottsville, PA Post Card 2 Winter MX-5 Miata Cruise

For purely selfish reasons I wanted to go back to the Yuengling Brewery and Gift Shop in Pottsville, PA with my Miata to take some cool photos against the background of their historic building. Today: Mission Accomplished! And I didn’t just get my Miata into the pix I got my buddy Bill to participate with his ’07 GT soft top as well.

The Red Roadsters pix:

Next stop… Hawk Mountain before lunch at Deitsch Eck…

Yuengling Brewery Tour in Pottsville, PA Post Card Winter MX-5 Miata Cruise

I’ve been planning a visit back to the Yuengling Brewery in Pottsville, Pennsylvania for a while… my goal was to bring a few fellow Miata owners along… and today my buddy Bill and I made it happen.

In this post I’ll share all the Brewery and Gift Shop photos… in the next we’ll do the Miata pix.

Because this cruise involved “Drinking & Driving” I thought it would be critical to mix a bunch of food into the event, so it’s not just all about beer. We first had breakfast at Dutch Kitchen in Frackville, PA and then lunch at Deitsch Eck in Lenhartsville, PA

There are two Yuengling breweries in Pottsville. I knew that, everyone probably knows that if you know anything about Yuengling, but that didn’t prevent me from punching in the wrong one into my GPS.

Luckily they’re only 2 miles apart… we arrived on a Saturday so there was plenty of street parking. There are meters right outside the brewery which apparently you don’t need to feed over the weekend. Cool!

I’ve done the tour before a few years ago… things have changed since. Now the tour starts at the gift shop across the street which is the Yuengling Ice Cream building. The Yuengling Ice Cream which I’ve tried from a local supermarket here in New Jersey (and loved it) doesn’t any affiliation with the Brewery other than being owned by the same family. They unfortunately don’t have a Dairy Tour… which is too bad. But the new set up is fantastic. Lots to see and buy at the Gift Shop:

You can buy everything from t-shirts to neon signs…. from a few bucks to a few hundred bucks to spend, whatever’s your budget.

You can also buy cases of beer… some of it only sold locally and not available outside of Pennsylvania (apparently).


My favorite… Yuengling BBQ sauce!

I’ve got to visit the Yuengling Brewery in Tampa, Florida

Let’s start the tour across the street… into the cave!

Still operating! Making it the longest continuously running brewery!

Tour over… now to the sampling room!

The bar at the Yuengling Ice Cream building has a liquor license, which means in addition to your two cups sampling beer, you can buy more… including a growler or a mini keg! Super cool…

This was such a super cool experience. I highly recommend it!

Post Card from Dutch Kitchen in Frackville, PA Winter MX-5 Miata Cruise

First stop on our winter Mazda MX-5 Miata cruise today was at Dutch Kitchen in Frackville, PA

Some pix:

Bright and early in the morning, checking out the brand spanking new “Welcome!” sign on i78 across the Delaware River from NJ.

Plenty of ways to get to Dutch Kitchen, we chose to take the simple way… Pennsylvania Route 61 from i78 all the way up through Pottsville (our final destination for the day) across i81 and right into Frackville, PA

Looks like a normal building form the outside, but within it’s your typical Diner train cart with counter seating… perfect!

wasn’t feeling so well so first order of business Crab Bisque!

however, breakfast proper was my favorite: Gingerbread Hotcakes!

Onwards… back down the mountain to Pottsvilel fro the Yuengling Brewery Tour… “America’s Oldest Brewery!”

Very scenic route even on the main highway without having to deviate onto country roads (which we later did)

Next stop: Yuengling Brewery Tour in Pottsville, PA

Mazda MX-5: Polar Bear Run Cruising Rural Pennsylvania with the LVMOC on New Year’s Day

What a way to start the new year: January 1st and I’m off on my first Polar Bear Run with the Las Vegas Miata Owners Club… no wait, I mean Lehigh Valley Miata Owners Club… cruising the rural country roads of PA. Somewhere on the outskirts of Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch country, saw plenty of horse buggy warning signs along the way. It was an absolutely awesome experience, I really thoroughly enjoyed myself!

I saw a post on Miata.net in late December inviting people to join the LVMOC group for a “Polar Bear” run in eastern Pennsylvania just outside of Allentown (about two hours drive from where I live in NJ). But after being shaken down for money at the last “club” event I went to with a different group I was a little weary considering this event. But decided to give it a go. And I’m glad I did. The turnout was amazing, about 26 cars showed up… some Miata owners didn’t actually bring their cars relying on their winter vehicles like Subaru WRX’s or Mini Coopers, but the rest came out in force and drove around with the top down. (Something I completely chickened out to do myself… especially with the trip coming up to Australia, I cannot afford to get sick).

I left my home bright and early, just before 7am thinking I’d make it to the meeting spot at Cracker Barrel in Folgelsville, PA in time to have breakfast before the meet and cruise. I got there way early. Absolutely no traffic on the roads that early on New Year’s Day. Although I had a freaky encounter with a Subaru BRZ that blew past me on Interstate 80 in New Jersey. About 100 yards after he passed me, his rear window blew out and shattered on the highway. I could hear the little glass bouncing off the tires on my undercarriage. Freaky… to say the least.

At the Polar Bear Run there were no bad experiences. It was a very light traffic day being a holiday and we stayed as a group mostly while cruising together along the rural roads. I was very impressed with the condition of the roads, very minimal pot holes and in general a smooth ride. In a way the roads reminded me of New Zealand roads like those leading from Auckland to Taupo for example,  very twisty and lots of elevation changes with beautiful scenery along the way. We passed plenty of farm land, many corn fields, a few wineries and vineyards. It was just great!

The total run was about 75 miles long. That’s in addition to the 106 miles it took me to get to the meeting spot and another 108 or so to get back. The low fuel light came on about 10 miles from home. I went straight to my BP gas station and the car only took 9.8 gallons and $20 bux. Which is quite cheap for such a trip. The transmission, brakes and engine got a really good work out, and my new BFG Comp 2 A/S’s got a great scrubbing too.

We stopped at Hawk Mountain Bird & Wildlife Sanctuary for a group photo (and a much needed pee break). So enjoy some fotos:

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 1

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 2

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 3

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 4

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 5

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 6

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 7

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 8

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 9

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 10

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 11

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 13

polar bear run lvmoc hawk mountain 12

I would love to do another event like this in the future!

And some more photos from the meeting point at Cracker Barrel:

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 1

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 2

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 3

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 4

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 5

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 6

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 7

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 8

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 9

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 13

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 10

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 11

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 12

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 14

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 15

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 16

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 17

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 18

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 19

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 20

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 21

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 22

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 23

polar bear run lvmoc pennsylvania 24

One car I was particularly interested in checking out was the Niseko Edition – the Icy Blue special edition NC1 Miata. It was also nice to see the Marble White NC1 Miata in direct comparison to the Crystal Mica Pearl NC3 which was also in attendance. So many beautiful cars showed up, it was great to see all the variety… I always focus on NC’s but even with NB’s there were several shades of light blue which I really liked. What a great time! Can’t believe so many people showed up in the heart of winter… in January!