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Hot Wheels 1st Editions Race Cars

Finally had the time to pin my First Editions Hot Wheels mainline race cars I bought off eBay to their new display spot.

Since cars of this vintage don’t have unique blue cards like modern Hot Wheels displaying them as a group is a little easier because they can overlap so only the bubble with each race car is visible. Having done that though I wanted to share some pix from my new favorite HW Collectors web site of what each car looks like out of it’s packaging… I’m using this resourse both to display my cars without cracking open the packaging and as a link to educational material as the site illustrates all available options for each model… most of which I don’t have in my collection. So here we go!

Mercedes-Benz CLK LM aka Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR

This car was the reason I went looking for vintage Hot Wheels on eBay. This is the homologated street version of the amazing race car that dominated one of the best racing eras of all time. Read more about the model here: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/mercedes-clk-lm-75mm-1999-2003

Porsche 911 GT1
Porsche 911 GT1
Porsche 911 GT1

The cars that battled the Mercedes and dominated in their own right were Porsche 911 GT1. I bought three different versions, with the #38 Champion livery being my favorite because it accurately represents the IMSA model that raced stateside. More info on models: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/porsche-911-gt1-98-75mm-1999

Cadillac LMP

I first got to see this car in action a few years ago while volunteering for the Historic Daytona 24 hours. It was stunning. More about the model: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/cadillac-lmp-70mm-2001

Panoz LMP-1 Roadster

I’ve only seen one of these on display at Lime Rock but it looks amazing. Don Panoz founded the American Le Mans Series and it was my favorite before it merged with Grand Am. More here: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/panoz-lmp-1-roadster-s-78mm-2001

Panoz GTR-1

I don’t believe I’ve even ever seen one in person, but on TV it looked amazing battling European and Japanese Le Mans cars of it’s vintage. I ordered it because it seemed cheap at $2 shipping included, it was cheap because the bubble yellowed. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/panoz-gtr-1-1998-75mm-1998

Olds Aurora GTS-1
Olds Aurora GTS-1
Olds Aurora GTS-1

Saw one of these race at a Historic event at Daytona. The #11 white model accurately represents a Hot Wheels livery race car that really participated in American Motorsport. Not sure why the card labels it as a GT3 model though, it definitely isn’t as the road car was a 4 door sedan. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/olds-aurora-gts-1-76mm-1999

Ferrari 333SP

Saw this iconic Ferrari at the Daytona Historic racing series 24 hour race. Sounded fantactic. There is a Momo/Lista livery model produced that i should get my hands on. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/ferrari-333-sp-72mm-2000

Riley & Scott Mk-III

Saw a variation of this model at Daytona Historics event. Looked similar to the Ferrari 333SP which also raced in the same IMSA series. Riley still makes awesome modern race cars from Grand Am Daytona Prototypes to current Mercedes-AMG GT3 cars. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/riley-and-scott-mk-iii-2001-78mm-2001

Shadow Mk-II

Can-Am racer. Don’t think I’ve ever seen one though I’ve watched plenty of McLaren Can-Am cars race in New Zealand. Had to have it! More here: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/shadow-mk-lla-75mm-1999

Chaparral 2

First heard of Chaparral by reading the victory wall above the pits at Sebring. It had won the grueling 12 hour. And it’s an American brand! More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/chaparral-2-65mm-1998

Chaparral 2D

Apparently the race car went thru constant development even in the same racing season. This one grew a roof in it’s 4th iteration. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/chaparral-2d-67mm-2003

At the other end of the race car spectrum, faster than the Le Mans prototypes and GT cars is IndyCar and America is obsessed with it’s Indy 500. The No Fear car represents one of my favorite IndyCar designs back when they looked like F1 cars. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/no-fear-race-car-80mm-1994-2001

Ford Escort

Escort Rally… More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/escort-rally-ford-70mm-1998

Ferrari 360 Modena

The F360 model is famous for a lot of things, I find it awesome because of it’s single make series in Ferrari Challenge appearance. And later as GT3 / GTC race versions. I’m fact there is a Coca Cola livery Ferrari Challenge version I need to find. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/ferrari-360-modena-70mm-1999

Mercedes-Benz C-class

This model looks a lot like the German DTM cars of that era. Love it. More: http://hwcollectorsnews.com/mercedes-c-class-70mm-19972003

This page is continuously being updated. If you spot errors please let me know. Stay tuned for more.

Wish Prototypes Looked More Like Actual Cars

While many of my friends are busy volunteering this weekend, from MotoGP races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, to Tudor United SportsCar Series at Road America to NASCAR at Watkins Glen; I am stuck at work wishing I was somewhere else… picking fights on my facebook timeline with brainwashed Singaporeans and browsing the Internet for pictures of cars that look incredibly good.

It’s no secret that my favorite type of racing now is Le Mans Series, whether the 24h race in France, or the regional derivatives including European Le Mans, Asian Le Mans and the remnants of American Le Mans. With a number of 24h endurance events under my belt, including the LM24 this year, I was absolutely in love with the Porsche 911 GT1 on display there (for the second year in a row).

So why don’t current Prototypes resemble production road cars? There’s not even a hint of it when looking at the current Porsche 919 or the Audi / Toyota LMP1’s… Why is that?

Looking back in history… and far beyond the point when I got involved as a volunteer (all the way back to 1997-1998), I clearly remember seeing and loving the photos of the slammed, wide body Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR’s or the McLaren F1 GTR Longtail. Kind of like the photos below from SpeedHunters:

1998 FIA GT Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR Porsche 911 GT1

Photo linked from SpeedHunters: www.speedhunters.com/2010/04/retrospective_porsche_911_gt1_98/

1997 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

Photo linked from SpeedHunters: www.speedhunters.com/2010/03/museum_cars_of_the_mclaren_technology_centre_woking_uk/

To familiarize yourself with each of the models, do read the Wikipedia entry on each car, by clicking:  Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR; McLaren F1 GTR; Porsche 911 GT1. And I will agree with anyone claiming that technically none were “prototypes” in the sense that is Le Mans Prototype class. But each were “supercar” enough using enough exotic materials to make them closely resemble what we consider LMP cars… Also considering Porsche 911 GT1 ran as a prototype in ALMS, and the Mercedes-Benz CLR (or Mercedes-Benz CLK LM) versions ran in the top class of Le Mans 24h, they are prototypes.

But semantics don’t matter. Style does. And all three of the examples I pointed out, have serious style being futuristic looking while also resembling the production version whether of the homologated car, or the street version of the base model. I’m not quite sure why Mercedes-AMG chose to focus on a CLK-class when it was one of their cheaper cars in the overall line-up. But certainly Porsche 911 and McLaren F1 were something you could purchase provided you were financially capable. There were also smaller race cars including Porsche 911, McLaren F1 and Mercedes-Benz CLK which raced in everything from club events to DTM and various country specific GT series. Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM is the other crazy example.

I would love to see more prototypes in the future look more like the production cars we could actually see on the streets.

1998 FIA GT Porsche 911 GT1 McLaren F1 GTR Longtail

Photo linked from SpeedHunters: www.speedhunters.com/2010/04/retrospective_porsche_911_gt1_98/

1998 FIA GT Porsche 911 GT1 Mercedes-Benz CLK LM

Photo linked from SpeedHunters: www.speedhunters.com/2010/04/retrospective_porsche_911_gt1_98/

Read more about each one of the race cars on SpeedHunters and other motorsport outlets. And please share any photos you may have of these cars with me. My goal is to add each one of these models in a 1:18 diecast form to my collection in the near future.