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Lone Star Le Mans Media

It’s one thing to roam around the paddock awkwardly trying to get a selfie right and another to have someone kindly capture some spectacular memories for you with a fancy DSLR. I got lucky on Wednesday afternoon, just a day before Lone Star Le Mans officially hit the track at the Circuit of the Americas when James from Hawai’i kindly took a ton of great photos for me. Enjoy:

wec cota pit safety car

wec cota pit porsche prototype

wec cota pit aston martin

We even managed to capture the whole of Porsche’s line-up taking a group shot on the main straight. How often does something like that happen? Certainly not too many times in my short volunteering career.

wec cota grid porsche 2

wec cota grid porsche 1

wec cota grid porsche 3

So thank you again James! Mahalo & Aloha ­čÖé See you next time…

wec cota pit james