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NASCAR Trucks at CTMP Canadian Tire Motorsport Park debrief

For the second time this year I took my little red roadster on another thousand mile road trip north of the border to Ontario, Canada. Much like the trip in the beginning of the season for Victoria Day, Ontario was freezing cold. It didn’t help that I decided to camp… at least for the first few days where I got pretty well cold but with prospect of rain on the schedule I decided to ditch this camping thing and evacuate to Bowmanville where my CouchSurfing friend was kind enough to host me. Warm bed, hot shower, my fortunes turned around really quickly.

I had a hard time deciding whether to go to Watkins Glen for IndyCar or travel twice the distance to Mosport for NASCAR trucks and I’m glad I did… the series was all they were cracked up to be, although on a much lower scale… a budget version of the Monster Energy Cup and the Xfinity Series if you will. Nevertheless this event over Labour Day weekend is the biggest event Mosport gets right now… even though I’m sure IMSA feels bigger.

The Motorsport Marshaling Services club went above and beyond at making me feel welcome back… and so did all of the locals. I had fantastic station assignments. Some I haven’t worked in a while, like Turn 8… and some I never worked before like Turn 3 and Turn 1. Ironically I couldn’t even find my way to Turn 3 on the morning of that assignment because I didn’t realize it was on the other side of the track… I had worked 2A many times before and saw the marshals on our side of the track, but it was a surprise to me to discover the hard station across track and nicely elevated for a perfect view of that turn with all of it’s elevation changes.

We didn’t have many incidents to flag this weekend. The biggest being probably from the feature event… as the series direction refers to it… the Nissan Micra Cup. With the new suspension the cars were less prone to roll over, but they were still very prone to incidents. On Race Day in Turn 1 one had a tank slapper and smashed the wall losing a wheel in the process which continued onwards to Turn 2. I was on comms for that incidents and may have fumbled the call a little bit. It was neat to witness though.

My buddy from Montreal came over to marshal in pit lane. And several more people I worked with at Formula E were working directly for Canadian Touring Car Championship. So it was an awesome weekend to catch up with friends. The boss of CTCC even gave me a few series hats and a lanyard to take home as a souvenir. And for that I’m very grateful.

Would love to go back to Canada again for another event.

Post Card from the Labour Day Weekend at Mosport with NASCAR Trucks, Pinty’s Series, Micra Cup, Porsche GT3 Cup Canada and CTCC

Here’s a bunch of pix from my Labour Day weekend in Canada, volunteering for NASCAR Camping World Truck Series for the very first time… but also for the second time this year (after Victoria Day in the beginning of the season) working the Canadian NASCAR Pinty’s Series, Nissan Micra Cup, Canadian Touring Car Championship and the IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Canada.

It was an excellent weekend… a bit chilly, well more than that, it was freaking cold. And then the rain came for race day so I evacuated Mosport to my CouchSurfing host in Bowmanville and my mood improved (with a few warm showers and a comfy bed).

Here’s some pix of the trip:

Always love seeing the Pinty’s Series, which is Canadian development NASCAR feeder series for the American version of cars and trucks…

Car with my favorite paint job… there was a similar truck too which unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of…

Glad I got to visit my friends at CTCC who were kind enough to give me some series swag like a couple of hats and a nice lanyard!

My favorite TCR car… the Euro Honda Civic Type R

Thanks to Hurrican Harvey gas prices in Canada jumped 30 cents a liter… down in the US it was more like 50 cents a gallon… ugh!

More soon…

Sahlen’s 6 hour at the Glen 2017 the debrief

As is usually the case, I started writing several looooong paragraphs took a deep breath and deleted them because many things I said there would get me in trouble. So instead I’ll just tone it down to this: I had a generally great experience this Independence Day/Fourth of July Weekend at Watkins Glen.

The Sahlen’s Six Hours at the Glen proved to be everything I expected it to be and then some. The weather could have put a damper (? not sure if that’s the right word here) on things but it didn’t. Tent stayed relatively dry. Racing was relatively good. And people I was hanging out with were super friendly. I would say I got the VIP treatment from RSI but that would imply that they somehow treated me better than they treat others, which isn’t accurate. I’m genuinely satisfied with the way everyone behaves at RSI that I come in contact with and for me that’s a huge plus, I appreciate the positive vibes and positive attitudes.

We did have a few massive smash ups that I personally got a chance to respond to. A driver left in a Medevac unit which nobody ever wants to see, several others ended up in the hospital also, and the race was red flagged. It was an incredible experience and one I will definitely learn from.

There were moments I really liked. Like all the star and stripe and patriotic liveries many cars were wearing. Some things I didn’t like… the weather – mainly. But also the performance of the Mazda prototype team which keeps playing this underdog role that they really don’t deserve anymore. It was nice to see one of the cars end up on the podium, but that happened only because so many cars didn’t finish, including the other Mazda prototype. So that’s that.

Favorite little car that was an actual underdog was this yellow NC:

It still uses NC1 tail lights… just like my car.

Interestingly enough the #25 car had a smashup this weekend running it’s traditional Freedom Autosport livery, and suddenly it re-emerged wearing #25 under Murillo Racing orange livery. Wish I had snapped a photo of it. But my station was too far to the grid so I had to boogey down in order to make the start of the race.

Here’s the previously mentioned 4th of July liveries I did manage to get a snap of:

And here’s a few cool NC Miata’s I ran across in town at Watkins Glen and at the track:

There was a convoy of about five of various vintage Miata’s parading around Watkins Glen on Wednesday that I waved to while driving in the opposite direction, but I’m not sure what club they were from or what group it was that organized that cruise… it would have been nice to join them but I saw nothing about this event posted online.

Back to the track..

I got to flag from Station 3 on Thursday which is at the top of the Esses. Station 4 on Friday which is the next station after the bridge leading up to the Bus Stop… and Station 9A at the exit of the Boot on Saturday and Sunday.

The major smash up I experienced was Porsche GT3 Cup behaving very NASCAR-like… in fact I had worked an event for NASCAR when we had an identical full-track-blockage incident on the same station. This one however was far scarier. One of the Porsche’s completely lost it’s front end… wheels, suspension, frunk… everything!

On GTD qualifying I had a weird experience with the two Lexuses. They had back to back, identical incidents within seconds of each other, where one vehicle recovered the spin with damage and the other planted it into the guard rail causing a small engine fire.

So all in all it was a pretty active weekend. Lots to see. Lots to do.

I loved it!

Thank you Watkins Glen, and I hope to see you next year.


Post Card from the Sahlen’s 6 hour at the Glen Paddock

Greetings from the Independence Day Weekend at Watkins Glen… The Sahlen’s 6 hour at the Glen paddock filled up slowly. I arrived Wednesday afternoon, went for a wonder around the paddock and only saw some Porsche GT3 Cup, Lamborghini Super Trofeo Huracan’s and LMP3/Mazda Prototype Challenge cars unloaded. But as the weekend went on and more trailers moved in there was a lot to look at. Especially all those cars with patriotic wraps on them…

some pix:

I hate camping, especially with the threat of severe weather, luckily my tent only took on a little bit of water.

This 911 put on quite a smoke show when I approached… got oil?

I love the fact they mixed the US and Canadian series for this weekend. It had some crazy side affects due to a crash that I got to witness on their Race 1 but still nice to see a 40 car field of GT3’s.

The weirdest thing for me with these pace cars was that a Porsche started the Platinum group during the GT3 race, but an Audi started the Gold group… couldn’t they source another 911 somewhere?

At least the Mazda started their Prototype Challenge races.

…and it’s a pretty RF model with Global MX-5 Cup wheels!

Anybody wanna buy a Norma LMP3?

My usual cruise to Jerlando’s in Montour Falls for some faux-Italian:

New sign: Welcome to Watkins Glen!

Top of the Esses selfie, day one working solo.

And as the paddock filled in, more IMSA stuff to check out:

Love that bucket of fries I got a chance to lunch on one of the days…

more to follow…

Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen Spotter Guides by Andy Blackmore

Don’t know about all ya’ll but I’ll be spending this Forth of July Upstate New York, volunteering yet another Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen… you know the race weekend is near because Andy Blackmore has released a whole series of new spotter guides for this event. And because IMSA is pretty awesome, there are spotter guides commissioned for nearly every series racing!

So go to SpotterGuides.com or IMSA.com and download them:

What can you download?

  • WeatherTech Sports Car Championship spotter guide
  • Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge spotter guide
  • Porsche GT3 Cup North America spotter guide
  • Porsche GT3 Cup Canada spotter guide
  • Lamborghini Super Trofeo spotter guide

OR… do what I do, and stop by one of the many info booth’s at Watkins Glen International and pick up a spotter guide as a souvenir to take home… those are my favorite!




2017 Official IMSA Spotter Guide


Victoria Day Speedfest the debrief

WOW! What a fantastic weekend!

Victoria Day Speedfest was my first International event volunteering this year. As such I was really looking forward to the experience and the racing didn’t disappoint. It certainly helped too that everyone was super friendly and welcoming and I took this opportunity to sign up with the local club MMS to finally become one of their members. Motorsport Marshalling Services is a CASC-OR member. Canadian Automobile Sports Car Association – Ontario Region is an FIA accredited ASN. My plan is not to renew my SCCA membership next year and rely solely on the CASM membership to volunteer future international events. We’ll see how that goes.

So having done this event before meant I knew what to expect and took advantage of most of the opportunities which presented themselves. First I took lots of pictures on arrival on Thursday so that I don’t get in trouble (or even the urge) to take any pictures the rest of the weekend.

I had my usual run to get some delicious poutine, and I was set for whatever came my way over the course of the weekend.

Every morning I would stop at Tim Horton’s to get a box of Timbits (Munchkins for those that prefer Dunkin Donuts) two XL French Vanilla Cappuccino’s and a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.

The Timbits of course were a big hit with the local marshals, as expected. I was happy to share. Right around 3pm though I really needed a Timbit or two for a sugar rush, otherwise I’d get tired.

I CouchSurfed on this trip, so every evening I would rush back to Bowmanville to have dinner with my host… and what a dinner it was:

They spoiled me rotten with amazing home cooked meals, yumm!

The morning meetings were clearly communicated in advance. Details of the day’s events were laid out concisely and precisely. It was fun and every day a new station was assigned.

Day 1: Turn 2A

We were short so I was rotating on Yellow/Green flag. Good thing I wasn’t on Blue flag because we had a massive impact with a roll over right in the area where the Blue flagger normally stands. That would have turned ugly real quickly. That was also the first of two massive roll-overs of my weekend.

Day 2: Turn 9

This time I was on Blue flag working closely with the mirror station for Yellow/Green flags. This time we were a little less lucky as two Micra Cup Nissan’s smashed into the tire wall at our feet basically sending a ton of debris our way as they rolled. It was nuts!

I walked along the spectator fence to use a porta-potty near Turn 8 and the Canadian fans were a jovial bunch. Until someone caught some debris from our rolling car. I assume a drunk person started screaming for help when rescue services arrived by the rolled car. Weird people would do that instead of reaching out to the medical services available for spectators. I guess there ought to be more education available for spectators about what to do in case of injury without heckling the track services on a hot track.

Day 3, Race Day, Turn 6

Turn 6 isn’t really a Turn, it’s a straight away with elevation change preventing Station 5C from seeing Station 7. It is a fantastic role for a Blue Flagger because the cars go their fastest on this part of the back stretch. Unfortunately someone from Race Control wasn’t happy with us standing next to the catch fencing and instructed us to go behind it… which predictably completely obscured our view of the track. I wish the people at Race Control would come out and work a race or two behind the catch fence and see how much they value their life after that. I would much rather see an incident coming and make moves in reaction to that. Rather than stand behind obstructive barriers that block you from seeing approaching danger and wouldn’t help all that much in case a crash occurs and sends small debris and hot fluids through the fence into you by complete surprise (because you can’t see the fucking crash coming). It just makes me angry when people make decisions that affect your personal safety (negatively I might add).

But enough about that… I joined the MMS… it only cost $10 bux for the membership, so I spend another $10 to invest in some warm clothing for the cold weather… a toque:

Hopefully this membership works well overseas!

Happy Anniversary Canada!

Hopefully I can come back this year again for the Labor Day weekend… to work the NASCAR Trucks around a proper circuit.

Post Card from the Victoria Day Speedfest paddock at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park

The best part about arriving to a race track on Thursday is your ability to see all the teams unload, unpack and participate in the unofficial test day… which means you can take lots of pictures!

I certainly did just that!

My favorite were the PWC cars of course, but also the Canadian CTCC touring cars… especially stuff we don’t get in the US like the Euro-Spec Honda Civic Type R… enjoy the pix:

The field of Porsche’s was significantly smaller than I remember it from previous years. There was also a majority of Platinum class cars, with only a handful of Gold class… but the racing was relatively clean with minimal incidents.

Many of these GT3 Cup Canada cars also run in the US version of the GT3 Cup North America, and they are extremely competitive winning some of the races I’ve been to at Watkins Glen and Sebring.

The GT3 Cup series sponsor Petro-Canada Ultra 94 has an interesting story. It was a Sunoco branded fuel until Petro-Canada took over keeping the Ultra 94 top tier which in the US was discontinued and reverted back to Ultra 93 (some claims were made that were not met). I use Ultra 94 in my Miata while in Canada (along with Ultra 93 from Sunoco in the US) and can’t complain about it’s performance at all. Good fuel!

The new Bimmer 235M completely dominate the TC class in PWC

Team M&S started out with this Canadian-spec Civic Si but switched to the Euro-spec Civic Type R for the final day of the weekend (running number 66)

And there’s the Euro-spec Civic Type R run by  a team of brothers that run different flags of convenience… some race with a Canadian flag on the side window, others with the flag of Hong Kong

A bit sad with this feature PWC series. Ever since Sprint X was introduced they reduced running the normal GT class stand alone. And with the weather on Sunday at Mosport the race was cancelled.

Started mid pack and finished on the podium for the first race!

more to come soon…

Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen 2016 the debrief

I’ve been doing the Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen since Grand Am ran the series in 2012, each year it’s different. This year was my best one yet. So many things went right. So many things made me happy, I can’t rant and rave enough about the experience… but I’ll try.

First things first. This was a four day event. Four pretty long and grueling days. I totally lucked out with my station assignments thanks to RSI boss Jim Wilbur. No I didn’t get to work Start, but for pro events where official IMSA starter does all the work anyway, I don’t really miss it. Instead I got to work Turn 6 in the Boot on Thursday, Turn 5A in the Bus Stop on Friday, Turn 1A on Saturday and Turn 1 on Sunday. Is it possible to get better assignments than these? I don’t think so.

As far as incidents went we didn’t have too many. I think of myself as the anti-magnet because whenever I work a station nothing happens and the next day things go to hell in a basket there real quick. But I wouldn’t complain about that. I do always tell the people I work with that if something is going to happen I would prefer for it to happen in front of us so at the very least we have the opportunity to learn from the incident. Things happened in a real big way on Friday when a Lamborghini Huracan smashed the wall while braking for the Bus Stop… the car did a 360 sending debris flying everywhere, the left rear wheel assembly ended up landing in the duck pond. And as soon as the car stopped it lit on fire. The driver walked away OK but I was most impressed with how the IMSA Porsche SUV driving safety crew put out the relatively large fire using just the car’s internal extinguisher system. That was really cool!

For the rest of the days I was limited to watching cars go 4 off in our corner or at the most spin. Which was OK… I wasn’t too happy to see the #55 spin at Turn 1 on race day because I was hoping the Le Mans heritage livery car would do well, but predictably the Daytona Prototypes won and that was a bit of a bummer for the otherwise good weekend. But what are gonna do?

I’m thrilled that RSI has been open to the idea of letting SCCA marshals from other places volunteer. I got to work with folks I had worked with a few weeks earlier at Detroit Grand Prix visiting Upstate New York from Michigan. Ron came to satisfy his bucket list quest form California. There was someone from Maryland, another lady from Ontario. It was very well staffed. The IMSA folks were very happy with the quality of calls on the radio, until of course the very last day when a few people fumbled their calls. It doesn’t take much to make a mistake though, I’ve done quite a few working comms on Thursday and Friday. But it was good practice.

The highlight of my trip of course was seeing all the Mazda stuff. Mazda as a company and Mazda Motorsports as a participant committed in a big way to their product during the visit to Watkins Glen. There was significant presence not just with the Mazda Owner’s Lounge in the infield, but also the Test Drive display on the outside of Turn 1. I kind of wished I had more time to take a new ND Miata for a spin around the old Watkins Glen Grand Prix street circuit. Drive past Seneca Lodge and all… But it didn’t happen.

I did get to meet a ton of Mazda people though. And we were lucky enough to stumble onto the Team photo shoot in progress on Day 1. I remember hearing someone from the team saying that despite the photos being released the next day he was sure they were already on Facebook. I posted mine at that moment. I figured if they wanted to keep this stuff secret they would undoubtedly shooo us off or even call security for assistance but nobody said a peep.

I got a ton of swag from Mazda… mostly lanyards I plan to take with me to Europe for the MX-5 Miata Euro Trip (Holland, Germany, Belgium and France). But while working I noticed photographers wearing a very cool Le Mans heritage lanyard… I had to have it. And to make a long story short I approached one of the Mazda big wigs at their paddock area and the guy took it off his neck and gave it to me just because I volunteer as a corner worker. I thought that was bloody tops! Nobody else in that paddock would give you the shirt of their backs, so to speak, but this dude did, and I thank him for it! Furthermore, one of the photographers I asked about it on Thursday made it a point to go and find me on Sunday just to give me another one. I thought that was really cool, and gave him a million thanks too! What a pleasant experience all around.

After nine weekends in a row at various race tracks and two trips to WGI back to back I am ready to take a little break from racing now.

Of course my next trip is just a week away going to Europe to marshal my 15th country (the Netherlands), work the GP circuit at Nurburgring and do another year at Spa-Francorchamps for Spa 24h. I can hardly wait, actually!

Woo Hoo….


PS. speaking of Europe, I was fortunate enough to see and watch the original 1991 Le Mans 24h winning Mazda 787B go around Circuit de la Sarthe during the 2013 Le Mans 24h race (where I was for the first time) and the current SpeedSource interpretation, while inspired by the original is nothing really like it… But it’s nice to see.

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 1

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 2

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 3

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 4

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 5

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 7

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 8

I especially like to see this line: Never Give Up!  I will one day apply that principle to my job search!

mazda 787b at circuit de la sarthe le mans 2013 france 6

Compared to:

mazda-centric visit to watkins glen international for imsa racing 34

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 20

Second Post Card from Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen, IMSA Series taking on Watkins Glen Int’l

It’s not always that I’m in a position to take some pictures at an event. I used to get in trouble for it all the time (often facing myself having to choose whether to eat lunch or try to get into the paddock to take some pictures), then I realized if I showed up a day early and wandered around the paddock I could get lucky, which has been working out really well for me lately. But every once in a while I get a station assignment that gives me an opportunity to legally take pictures without getting in trouble (no cars on track).

This Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen during Independence Day weekend was one of those weekends, where all stars aligned. I was no longer limited to the confines of the paddock, where cars aren’t always in one piece or there’s a line of spectators either blocking or placing shadows on the cars I wanted to take a pic of. This time around the cars came to me right past the station, off the track and at a slow enough speed so I could take some awesome shots.

So enjoy the pix!

sahlen's six hour at the glen 1 corvette

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2 ford gt

sahlen's six hour at the glen 3 ford gt

sahlen's six hour at the glen 4 bmw m6

sahlen's six hour at the glen 6 pc starworks

sahlen's six hour at the glen 7 bmw m6

sahlen's six hour at the glen 8 pc

sahlen's six hour at the glen 9 viper

sahlen's six hour at the glen 10 viper

sahlen's six hour at the glen 11 viper

sahlen's six hour at the glen 12 ford gt

sahlen's six hour at the glen 13 ford gt

sahlen's six hour at the glen 14 porsche gtd alex job racing

sahlen's six hour at the glen 15 porsche gtd alex job racing

sahlen's six hour at the glen 16 tequila patron lmp2

sahlen's six hour at the glen 17 tequila patron lmp2

sahlen's six hour at the glen 18 wayne taylor racing daytona prototype

sahlen's six hour at the glen 19 wayne taylor racing daytona prototype

sahlen's six hour at the glen 20 ferrari 488 gtd

sahlen's six hour at the glen 21 ferrari 488 gtd

sahlen's six hour at the glen 22 pc

sahlen's six hour at the glen 23 bmw m6 turner

sahlen's six hour at the glen 24 bmw m6 turner

sahlen's six hour at the glen 25 corvette gtlm

sahlen's six hour at the glen 26 audi r8 lms magnus racing

sahlen's six hour at the glen 27 audi r8 lms stevenson racing

sahlen's six hour at the glen 28 audi r8 lms stevenson racing

sahlen's six hour at the glen 29 ferrari 488 gtlm

sahlen's six hour at the glen 30 ferrari 488 gtlm

sahlen's six hour at the glen 32 porsche 911 gt3 rsr

and some selfies…

sahlen's six hour at the glen 33

sahlen's six hour at the glen 34

sahlen's six hour at the glen 35

sahlen's six hour at the glen 36

Debrief coming up next…

Post Card from Sahlen’s Six Hour at the Glen 2016

Greetings from my second weekend in a row at Watkins Glen International, 9th weekend in a row volunteering, this time for IMSA’s Sahlen Six Hours at the Glen. What a spectacular event!

I had an absolute blast and will share some details in the next few posts, but for now here are some pictures from day 1 at WGI:

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 2

Props to Prestige Lamborghini Paramus, the town next to where I live for kicking ass all weekend with their #1 Huracan.

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 3

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 4

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 5

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 6

Anybody wants to buy a slightly used Porsche? Sell it to you cheap…

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 7

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 8

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 9

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 10

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 11

Finally a photo of me in my own Miata! I posted on facebook that I’d come back to the Mazda Owners Lounge and score some swag… boy did I ever score… so much swag I couldn’t believe it!

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 12

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 1

My whole trip to Watkins Glen for IMSA weekend was very Mazda-centric… my goal was to get some photos of the Le Mans 24h winning 787B heritage livery on the current Mazda LMP2 racing in IMSA WeatherTech Sports Car Championship… and boy did I ever get lucky being in the right place and at the right time.

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 13

The color coded shirt was a coincidence… I threw something on after a long day on track so I didn’t go to the restaurant wearing all white.

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 14

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 15

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 16

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 17

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 18

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 19

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 20

We followed the Mazda SpeedSource team to pit lane for an “official” photo shoot, and got some spy shots in the process.

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 21

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 22

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 23

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 24

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 25

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 26

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 27

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 28

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 29

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 30

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 31

Though based on the original 1991 Le Mans 24h winning 787B rotary livery, the current model was not a direct replica. The design and colors were unique enough and I really liked it. In fact I really liked it on both cars #55 and #70:

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 32

sahlen's six hour at the glen 2016 paddock walk 33

More to come soon…