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Visit to Heinlein Racing Development (HRD)

First stop on my 500+ mile road trip to Watkins Glen for the IMSA 6hr endurance weekend was visiting Tivador Heinlein at the new Heinlein Racing Development facility in Roxbury, NJ. The shop is conveniently located right off of the Interstate 80 about an hour’s drive from NYC. And is well worth a visit. I call it the “Candy Shop!”

I almost got a job with T last year when I was eager to find work in “Motorsport” (non-volunteering) I even wrote about getting a different perspective at the racetrack when Tiv took me to NJMP with the team for a PCA event, read about it here:

hrd njmp 3

I didn’t get the job, but still stay in touch with T, and watching him post on facebook all the cool  toys he gets to work on every day makes me quite jealous.

But I am extremely happy he is doing well!

The first thing I really wanted to see was the Praga R1 race car:

praga at heinlein racing development

I think it’s really sexy and agressive looking. Much more so than the Radical it tends to compete with in CN class. The Czech guys I worked with at Le Mans would be very proud of this thing.

T is a Porsche specialist, and it’s evident from all the 911’s, Boxters and Caymans in the shop:

heinlein racing development hrd 1

But lately he’s been getting quite a few Mazda Miata customers for the entry-level SCCA spec Miata racing series, mostly NB Miatas:

heinlein racing development hrd 2

And he’s obviously up to the challenge. The craftsmanship behind the work he does is impressive. From the well thought out cages that extend into the driver’s door giving extra room and comfort to the racer, to the engine and suspension set ups. Quality work all around.

heinlein racing development hrd 6

heinlein racing development hrd 4

heinlein racing development hrd 5

Since the last time I visited T at the Fair Lawn location the team of mechanics that work for him has obviously grown. And so have the variety of cars. I saw an older Daytona Prototype with a BMW powerplant. The Praga R1 was really neat. There was a Hennessey Ford GT that T is helping the owner sell, if anybody’s interested.

So many cool things….

Check out Tiv’s web site: www.heinleinracing.com/