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Mazda MX-5: Driving School in South Carolina Using Miata’s… Wish I got my Driver’s License in one!

One recurring theme at the Cars & Coffee events I go to, lots of kids! I keep saying it’s a great time to be growing up in America these days, so much Automotive perfection to look at… for those of you in High School just about ready to get your license, and if you happen to live in South Carolina… you can book a driving school for your road test that offers Miata’s!

Richard Zimmer runs Dutch Fork Driving School in Irmo, SC with two beautiful NC PRHT’s he’s using to train his students… a 2010 Copper Red and a 2012 Stormy Blue MX-5 Grand Touring models.

His students must be pretty lucky!

Interested in taking your road test in one of his driver training vehicles, get in touch: facebook.com/DutchForkDrivingSchool/

dutch fork driving school, south carolina

dutch fork driving school

PS. if anyone else finds companies doing this please share a link… I’m also interested in companies rent out Mazda MX-5’s globally.

Mazda MX-5: New ND Miata Display at Road Atlanta During Petit Le Mans

2015 Petit Le Mans Presented by Mazda was well represented by Mazda’s. The two P2 Prototypes in the IMSA TUSC series were as slow and unreliable as they typically are, but the MX-5 Cup race was quite exciting and full of Miata’s in action. There were also plenty of Miata’s in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge support series which did incredibly well. But let’s face it, there was a ton of attention on the new – latest generation ND MX-5 Miata.

petit le mans 2015 global mx-5 cup miata

2015 petit le mans mazda skyactiv technology global mx-5 cup

Two of them, specifically the future Global MX-5 Cup race spec cars were running impressive laps alongside the current MX-5 Cup cars in practice and qualifying. Watching them go into turn 1, they seemed far more stable under braking and turn-in than their NC counterparts. The two cars were bump-drafting down the front straight, and going just as quick if not quicker than the older cars.

petit le mans 2015 global mx-5 cup miata race car

2015 petit le mans mazda skyactiv technology global mx-5 cup 3

2015 petit le mans mazda skyactiv technology global mx-5 cup 4

They had quite the presence on track… without the noise current MX-5 Cup cars make… definitely “stockish” exhaust note.

2015 petit le mans mazda skyactiv technology global mx-5 cup 1

petit le mans 2015 global mx-5 cup miata race cars

2015 petit le mans mazda skyactiv technology global mx-5 cup 2

Besides the MX-5 Cup cars there was also an MX-5 Pace Car:

petit le mans 2015 global mx-5 cup miata pace car

petit le mans 2015 global mx-5 cup miata pace cars

It too made quite an impression on track.

2015 petit le mans mazda skyactiv technology pace car zoom zoom bbs wheels

And of course the street car drew a crowd in the vendor village on top of the hill. Though I’m still unhappy that the booth girl tricked me to fill out an owner’s survey only to tell me they ran out of “Mazda” hats… a day before the event. What BS!?!

2015 petit le mans mazda owner's lounge 3

2015 petit le mans mazda owner's lounge 1

2015 petit le mans mazda owner's lounge 2

2015 petit le mans mazda owner's lounge

I do like the new look of the ND MX-5 Miata… perhaps I’ll get one eventually to replace my current 2007 MX-5 GT PRHT.

Merry Christmas to Me!

The search is over! I am now a proud owner of a new to me Mazda MX-5 or Miata as it’s called here in America… Zoom Zoom!

I have to confess this has been the longest and most frustrating time I have ever had buying a car. Normally, and quite frequently I would show up at a public auction just hours before they started, poke around for a few minutes with each prospective car I was interested in and then start bidding on it to a point that I could afford. With the Miata, no car I looked at I could actually afford, which was a little shocking to me! I had sold my four door family sedan thinking if anything I would add a little money to it to get the little sports car, and in the end I more than doubled my budget to buy it. But boy am I happy with what I got, because after four or five months of searching I bought exactly what I was looking for: a red copper mica, PRHT hard top convertible with big alloy wheels, and leather heated seats.

2007 Mazda Miata MX-5 Grand Touring PRHT

Now, I can’t wait to start driving it… and it being December… I may see it parked every time there’s snowflakes on the forecast to use the SUV’s in the household. But the idea of going to a race track with a little sports car and watching similar fields of MX-5 races tear up the track… is simply awesome. I love watching Miata’s race, and with large fields of 20, 30 even 40 cars… they never disappoint!

mx5 - 00

mx5 - 01

mx5 - 5mx5 - 6

(Photo Credit: Mazda USA http://en.media.mazda.ca/index.php?s=20291&view=category&mode=gallery&cat=2790&o=0)

A little background on the car… it was originally sold by a dealership on the California coast about half way between Santa Barbara and Monterey. The second owner bought it and moved it to Nevada just outside of Las Vegas before driving it home to Long Island New York. With only 30k on the clock it is the lowest mileage car I have ever owned and it will take some time to get used to. For example the check engine light came on on my drive home, turns out it’s a thermostat issue. Now while the Jeep or Chevy thermostats cost me less than $10 to replace, this one is listed at $30 and has about 3 hours of work because a lot of things must be removed to get to it. Fun! Even the air filter is double the cost of the last one I bought for my Ford. Go figure… hope the expenses after the basics are minimal.

…driving it in the rainy weather before Christmas caused the BOSE door speaker on the driver side to buzz. I wonder what will go next?

Happy Holidays everyone! And keep wishing for good things, because if you believe it hard enough, you’ll get exactly what you want!