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Regular Car Reviews should review my NC GT PRHT

In a short, not too distant future there will be a YouTube video of my car with Mr. Regular from the Regular Car Reviews making a snarky comment about how this guy (me) wanted his crappy car reviewed so bad he made a blog post about it. (this one)

And I’m OKAY with that.

I want Regular Car Reviews guy or people, however many of them there are, to do a thorough and sarcastic review of the NC Miata using my 2007 MX-5 GT PRHT with an automatic… AUTOMATIC!

I think it would be the coolest thing ever. I’m prepared to go on a Road Trip all the way to Pennsylvania to make it happen too… how far could it possibly be? I got the free time. I would love to drive the car more… summer’s coming, etc. Let’s do it!

So would any of my people get in touch with their people and make it happen? I’ll probably even buy a t-shirt from the Miata videos they’ve already made, and you could too… here’s the link:


regular car reviews

But more importantly go back and watch the damn videos, they’re hilariously funny… Here’s the original:

Track day bro! Yo… Hoosiers, bro… Cones. Gonna Tear it Up! lol…

It’s the Best! The BEST!

Naturally Aspirated 1990 Miata… The feminine version.

I’m a fan of the Regular Car Reviews, ever since I saw one of their early videos shared on Jalopnik. It was the one with the Volvo S60R. I don’t always get the humor and the references but I can’t wait to see what they could muster with my car.

What would be really funny is…  if this actually happens.

Link to the awesome YouTube channel:  www.youtube.com/user/RegularCars/

Mazda MX-5: First Mod – Compliance!

The official vehicle of Grand Prix Road Trip: my Mazda Miata MX-5 got it’s first modification. No it’s not a power adder or stiffer suspension, just a little piece of compliance so I wouldn’t have to drill holes in the front bumper to mount the license plate.

I saw Jessie from SponsorAFlagger.com had the same mod on her BMW when we worked together at Watkins Glen, and since then I figured I’d do the same if a car I owned had a similar tow hook on the front bumper. None of my Crown Vic Police Interceptors or the Chevy Impala had such a feature which is most common to Japanese or European cars, so I’m glad it worked out perfectly.

Anyway…. I first saw the ad for this plate bracket on Miata.net but it was advertised at about $80 which seems quite steep for what it is. Researched it further on eBay and Amazon and found a much more reasonable deal for $48 while other cars were listed for $38 or so… so I decided to make an offer and one was accepted for $40 while I was in Portugal marshaling. So I quickly PayPal’d them the money and was hoping the item would arrive in time for my NJ inspection to make the car road legal. The item never showed up when the tracking said it would. I reported it as lost, but it must have been delayed in the Christmas traffic. Because after I had returned home from the inspection station having zip tied the front license plate to the honeycomb grille, the bracket showed up. And I quickly put it on the car:

mazda mx-5 plate 1

Zip tied plate and the Godspeed bracket ready for install.

mazda mx-5 plate 2

The tow hook hole mount, screws right in.

mazda mx-5 plate 4

And voila! The finished look.

mazda mx-5 plate 5

Now to move on to the next solution… I put the windows down for a moment when it was raining outside and now my driver side BOSE speaker is buzzing. Miata.net forums describe it as a common problem but one that isn’t very cheap to fix.

If anyone has any suggestions, please get in touch with me. And if you see the car on the road, go ahead and honk. Say Hello!

PS. What a fun little car… Zoom Zoom! for sure.

Merry Christmas to Me!

The search is over! I am now a proud owner of a new to me Mazda MX-5 or Miata as it’s called here in America… Zoom Zoom!

I have to confess this has been the longest and most frustrating time I have ever had buying a car. Normally, and quite frequently I would show up at a public auction just hours before they started, poke around for a few minutes with each prospective car I was interested in and then start bidding on it to a point that I could afford. With the Miata, no car I looked at I could actually afford, which was a little shocking to me! I had sold my four door family sedan thinking if anything I would add a little money to it to get the little sports car, and in the end I more than doubled my budget to buy it. But boy am I happy with what I got, because after four or five months of searching I bought exactly what I was looking for: a red copper mica, PRHT hard top convertible with big alloy wheels, and leather heated seats.

2007 Mazda Miata MX-5 Grand Touring PRHT

Now, I can’t wait to start driving it… and it being December… I may see it parked every time there’s snowflakes on the forecast to use the SUV’s in the household. But the idea of going to a race track with a little sports car and watching similar fields of MX-5 races tear up the track… is simply awesome. I love watching Miata’s race, and with large fields of 20, 30 even 40 cars… they never disappoint!

mx5 - 00

mx5 - 01

mx5 - 5mx5 - 6

(Photo Credit: Mazda USA http://en.media.mazda.ca/index.php?s=20291&view=category&mode=gallery&cat=2790&o=0)

A little background on the car… it was originally sold by a dealership on the California coast about half way between Santa Barbara and Monterey. The second owner bought it and moved it to Nevada just outside of Las Vegas before driving it home to Long Island New York. With only 30k on the clock it is the lowest mileage car I have ever owned and it will take some time to get used to. For example the check engine light came on on my drive home, turns out it’s a thermostat issue. Now while the Jeep or Chevy thermostats cost me less than $10 to replace, this one is listed at $30 and has about 3 hours of work because a lot of things must be removed to get to it. Fun! Even the air filter is double the cost of the last one I bought for my Ford. Go figure… hope the expenses after the basics are minimal.

…driving it in the rainy weather before Christmas caused the BOSE door speaker on the driver side to buzz. I wonder what will go next?

Happy Holidays everyone! And keep wishing for good things, because if you believe it hard enough, you’ll get exactly what you want!