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New Documentary about Marshaling in North America by Herbert Paul Productions

This morning’s Grand Prix of Lime Rock started with a group photo shoot for the marshals to be featured in a new documentary about marshaling in North America.

The fella behind the photo shoot is Herbert Paul of Herbert Paul Productions who seems to be enthusiastic about doing this project to highlight the work of various marshals around the country including flaggers, communicators, emergency services, etc.

Being a marshal himself, Herbert Paul claims we are long overdue for a feature about this hobby and I couldn’t agree with him more. To me that’s kind of what my own project “Marshal Cam” is all about.

So I’m happy to support this idea. If anyone has a story to share do reach out to Herbert Paul directly! He will be traveling around the country to various events. Laguna Seca was specifically mentioned.

At Lime Rock Park he’s working with a group of at least two videographers and at least one still photographer. For a PRO weekend, with so much focus on marshals, it’s pretty impressive effort and like I mentioned above I support it fully.

Can’t wait to see the finished product!

Good luck Herbert Paul…


Oh and if you want to have your face featured on the #MarshalCam social media channels… go ahead and make a video of your interview and I’m happy to share it!

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