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Vintage Cal Club Video: What would it Cost to Make a New One?

Thanks to a video link shared by Lynne Huntting from PressSnoop.com we could enjoy some vintage racing and recruitment action by the California Sports Car Club (present day Cal Club):

The video, circa 1991 was shot back in the day when camera equipment weighed a ton and the microphones came with a long chord connecting you to the sound equipment. And yet look at the quality of the presentation!

My question is, what would it cost to make an updated version?

In the video, a race car driver Cindi Hahn interviews marshals that play different roles in the running of a Motorsport event. OK, so our modern version would need celebrity endorsement or some paid talent… Check!

There are a number of volunteer marshals that talk about their roles: a Yellow Flag marshal, a Blue Flag marshal, a Lack of Adhesion/Debris Flag marshal, and a White Flag marshal. A Starter makes an appearance a few times. An observer. There are also Grid Marshals interviewed. Safety/Rescue and Fire marshals interviewed. Timing and Scoring folks. Race Control folks. Even a Registration marshal appears. So based on my tally that’s roughly twelve (12) people that may be recruited to cover all the roles. Check!

So what’s missing? Desire? Time? Money?

Surely this could be overcome.

I could think of plenty of volunteers and a number of events where a very professional video can be pieced together in no time.

Who would I need to contact to get SCCA on board? or USAC? ACCUS? IMSA? NASCAR? Anybody?

Just think of the nostalgia factor watching a video from 2015 about twenty years from now.  Let’s get it done!