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Outstanding Porsche Supercup Marshal Demo at Circuit of the Americas

Thank you to whomever organized the Porsche Supercup marshal demo during the United States Grand Prix Formula One weekend at the Circuit of the Americas. It was a brilliant experience, educational and very helpful to those marshals that were able to attend during the Thursday Speed/Systems Test.

porsche supercup demo cota 3

I am a huge fan of any and all training opportunities that present themselves and this was a perfect effort to display to those of us that attended how open the series (Porsche Supercup) is to answer questions marshals may have in dealing with their equipment. Though the volunteers that attended the event were mainly “corner captains” and “TSP operators” like myself, and not “recovery or track marshals” it was still great to see the car so close, without the adrenaline and time constraints of dealing with an active incident during a crash in practice or a race.

porsche supercup demo cota 1

While personally I have already witnessed a textbook recovery of a Porsche Supercup 911 GT3 during the Silverstone GP a few years back, I was actually injured when that happened, and wasn’t part of the recovery process. They did let me flag though which was nice and it was especially nice to observe how a single “hooker” and a “manitou driver” handled the situation professionally without having four or five recovery marshals running around each corner trying to balance the car. The way the system is set up, only one person on the ground can handle everything minimizing any risk of exposure to the other speeding cars on track.


silverstone porsche supercup recovery brooklands

Silverstone Grand Prix Porsche Supercup recovery and mechanism

silverstone porsche supercup recovery mechanism

Thank you Circuit of the Americas, thank you to the USGP marshal organizers (Bill Armitage) and thank you Porsche Supercup for allowing us this excellent opportunity! (and damn you Shyam for getting to recover four (4) Porsche Supercup cars at Turn 12 over two back to back incidents, I didn’t have a single incident to deal with at that turn the previous year).