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Accepted to the Singapore F1 Grand Prix

Great news from Asia this week. The place where it all started for me wants me back 🙂 Got my acceptance e-mail for the 2013 Singapore F1 Grand Prix. Thrilled? Indeed I am.  I’ve already booked some flights, and have started thinking about where I’ll go for my birthday in Thailand and Malaysia. This will be my third SGP to date, and I can’t wait.

As I’ve posted about before I managed to use some Virgin America miles to snag a one way on the Singapore Airlines A380 again. On the way home, I’m even more excited to try the newest A380 service in the Thai Airways fleet. It will be a new airline and a new experience.

Another perk of working SGP that I’m really looking forward to is all the delicious food. Whatever it is, from Malay to Indian, Chinese to Thai, I can’t wait to taste all of it again.

PS. now waiting for good news from the other major event I have pre-booked flights for this year: the 24 hours of Le Mans… fingers crossed!

Filing applications for Singapore and Le Mans from Auckland, New Zealand

Funny how things work, being on an Australia – New Zealand road trip doesn’t prevent me from applying for future events. This week general applications for Le Mans and returning officials for Singapore have been made available. So I’m applying from the Auckland library.

With the traditional French bureaucracy, one can only register having a log-on provided by the organizers. Which I’m working on. But with Singapore GP things are easy. Looking forward to hearing back from both as they would be my premier events of the season.


Singapore F1 Grand Prix appreciation letter

Four month after the conclusion of the Singtel Singapore F1 Grand Prix the marshals receive a little gift in the mail: a certificate of appreciation and a group photo taken at the event. This is a really neat touch from the organizers to stay in touch with the marshals and indeed show their gratitude to the volunteers that shared their time and enthusiast at the night race.

This is my second certificate from Singapore, and fourth overall. Not every country does the certificate mailer but those that do give you something to hang on the wall and be proud of. So far I’ve got one from Malaysia and Australia as well. The most interesting one is from Malaysia who give you a blank certificate that you fill in with your name at your leisure. Ironically I lost mine at the LCCT terminal at Sepang/Kuala Lumpur low cost airport while flying back to Singapore, but they were kind enough to send me another copy. Sweet!

Singapore F1 Grand Prix & Southeast Asia

I am absolutely exhausted, not sure whether its from the 20+ hour flight home from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia via Tokyo, Japan… or from the two weeks of non-stop travelling around Southeast Asia visiting Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bangkok and Tokyo. I did have fun however, especially at Singtel Singapore F1 GP.

singapore gp 1

singapore gp 2

singapore gp 3

singapore gp 4

singapore gp 5

I have to say that not everything went absolutely honkey dorey, but things ran like clockwork and I am extremely proud of that achievement. I’ll share the ups and downs below:

1. The day trip to Singapore went super well, I got a chance to drop off my carry-on at my host David’s house, take a refreshing shower, and visit my best friend Vivian on this trip.

2. Two day visit to Kuala Lumpur went extremely well. My host was a wonderful person near Batu Caves, and a number of other Couch Surfers showed up for my foodie night.

3. Two days in Phuket, Thailand went exceptionally well. I loved my rental car, as much as I loved the villa I stayed in with another Couch Surfer.

4. Two days in Bangkok, Thailand went OKAY. Not fantastic but by no means bad either. My hosts were great European expats, shame I missed an opportunity to meet locals.

5. Singapore F1 GP went exceptionally well also, though I was a bit frustrated that for some reason this year I was treated more like an outsider compared to last year.

6. Final day in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was an absolute blast. Another sightseeing foodie tour saw a number of people come join and we had a hell of a time together.

7. I decided to clear customs and immigration to get some sushi at Narita Airport in Tokyo Though after a little while I felt like a zombie, so sleepy.

Overall, it was a memorable trip. Though obviously things could have gone better.

There’s always next year 🙂

thailand singapore gp

thai singapore gp

airasia singaporegp

malaysia singapore gp

kl singapore gp

kuala lumpur singapore gp

Singapore F1 Grand Prix final planning

One month to go before the 2012 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix on the Marina Bay Circuit and I’m making the final touches to my Asia plans. The neat thing about this visit is I’ll also be visiting Malaysia and Thailand on the same trip. My plans have changed a bunch of times already, mainly I was meant to fly from New Zealand to Kuala Lumpur this September before Air Asia X stopped serving the route. Because I was able to cancel this trip without penalty I ended up leaving Auckland much earlier than planned, yet it turned out to be a good thing since I’ve done more than a dozen automotive events in USA and Canada thanks to that move.

For the first time I will fly Singapore Airlines. I’ve been looking forward to this for a while, and though I lived in Singapore for a better half of a year in 2011 it was never possible to try them out opting instead for their low cost arm Tiger Airways, as well as the regional competitors Air Asia and JetStar Asia. This time around not only will I try Singapore Airlines but also Japan Air Lines as well, making it a truly round the world trip going from New York to Frankfurt to Singapore to Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo and back to New York.

I will be using CouchSurfing for the trip to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia as well as Phuket and Bangkok in Thailand. Haven’t found a host yet but I am confident I will. If it doesn’t work out Asia is known for its great selection of inexpensive hotels that make the trip affordable. The one thing I’m looking forward to the most is having locals show me around town and take me to amazing local food places. I love Asian restaurants and can’t wait for some local Thai and Malay cuisine, not to mention Singaporean, Indonesian and Indian to boot.

This will be a fantastic trip, oh and there will be some amazing racing too: Formula 1, GP2, Porsche Carrera Cup Asia and Ferrari Trofeo Challenge Asia 🙂