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MotoAmerica Should Have Spotter Guides!

My biggest surprise of this weekend was the lack of any visual spotter guides available for any of the three major MotoAmerica series racing at NJMP for the Championship of New Jersey presented by K&N.

How could that be?

It seems like such a no-brainer idea but I was not able to find anything online or after attending the refresh training session on Thursday night. I really think that a sport as popular as this AMA Pro series should totally offer a visual spotter guide much like those offered in IMSA racing, PWC or IndyCar. Even NASCAR does paint scheme stories on their web site ahead of some races to let their fan base know what their favorite driver will be driving and what the livery on that vehicle will look like. I realize that there are potential sponsorship implications, as sponsors change from race to race perhaps, but its no excuse why there shouldn’t be a basic guide to what each team’s and rider’s bikes look like.

I would have really appreciated to have a reference guide to call bikes into Race Control based on what they look like from a distance, it was not always possible to read the bike number, especially in cases where the number was three digits. Those 3 digit bike numbers were pretty much impossible to read when the bike was down, or far away like at Station 12 where I was on Friday.

So yea… if anyone at MotoAmerica is reading please consider making one… Thank you very much for the consideration!

Took me a while to tell the difference between two factory Suzuki teams… turns out the one with a zebra paint scheme was the Superbike team and the one with a single colored stripe is a Supersport 1000 team… Ah hah!

I know this Yamaha team has been using this livery for at least a few years… and so does the factory Yamaha team:

The bikes most difficult to tell apart were the KTM RC Cup liveries:

Detroit Grand Prix Spotter Guide by Andy Blackmore

With a few days left to go until the Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix, Andy Blackmore Designed has released another amazing spotter guide for the IMSA events of the weekend.

andy blackmore spotter guides detroit grand prix

Download your copy from: www.facebook.com/SpotterGuides/ or pick up a printed version at the gates during the event, which is what I typically try to do. As a huge fan of Andy I have a whole collection of his spotter guides from various events that I’ve volunteered.

Be sure to pick up an official IndyCar spotter guide too… and as the TransAm fields are growing HUGE! I hope they come up with a spotter guide also… only recently I’ve noticed Pirelli World Challenge has started offering spotter guides for their events, I was lucky to pick one up at Lime Rock (and I’m talking about an actual spotter guide and not the magazine program that they printed at the beginning of the season and distribute throughout the year).

See you in Detroit… a lovely city!

Spotter Guides for WEC / IMSA at COTA (6 hours of Circuit of the Americas)

The spotter guide for the WEC 6 hours of the Circuit of the Americas is now live on the FIA WEC web site, and could be downloaded free of charge from this link:  http://www.fiawec.com/wpphpFichiers/1/1/ressources/Spotter_Guide/2015/Spotter_Guide_WEC_COTA.pdf 

6 hours of circuit of the americas 2015 spotter guide wec fia
source: www.fiawec.com

As it turns out this is not an Andy Blackmore Design creation, which is weird. I’ve been a huge fan of Andy Blackmore since day one of my volunteering in Motorsports and have build quite a collection of his printed spotter guides that I’ve saved as keepsakes from various events I worked around the world. Apparently Andy has got competition now. Who’s designing  WEC official guides? Does it really matter? Competition is good!

I will post an update once Andy’s version becomes available, along with his official IMSA spotter guide when it is released in the next few days. In the meantime, enjoy the “official” version from the FIA WEC.

UPDATE 9/14:

Andy Blackmore Design has released his version of the unofficial WEC spotter guide and the official IMSA spotter guide fro the COTA event:

andy blackmore design wec imsa cota 6 hours of circuit of the americas 2015 spotter guide

Download the WEC version here:  http://www.spotterguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/15_WEC_cota_v1.pdf

2015 wec at cota 6 hours of the circuit of the americas andy blackmore design

Download the IMSA version here:   http://www.spotterguides.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/SG_COTA15_V1.pdf

2015 imsa at cota lone star le mans andy blackmore design


See all of Andy’s work on SpotterGuides.com

Now besides the obvious: cars facing the opposite direction, can anyone tell the difference between the two versions of the spotter guides?

Petit Le Mans Spotter Guide

Andy Blackmore Design & Spotter Guides has released the latest edition of the Petit Le Mans spotter guides featuring cars from the  IMSA TUSC and CTSCC series.

petit le mans 2014 prototypes

petit le mans 2014 gt

Download yours today from:  http://www.spotterguides.com/portfolio/2014-imsa-viewing-guide/

Be sure to like Andy’s facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/SpotterGuides