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Registration for the NYC ePrix in Brooklyn is Open!

It’s important to set goals… my goal earlier in the year was to work the NYC Formula E race in Red Hook Brooklyn… if that’s the only race I do in 2017. Well, it’s 2017 and I’ve done a bunch of races already, multiple trips down to Florida for Daytona, St. Pete, Sebring… a trip to Alabama, VIRginia, thinking of Canada next week… there’s a lot already happened, but NYC ePrix is still my goal!

So for any one of you reading this interested, it seems the recruitment process has started. And for a limited amount of spots advertised, there sure seems to be a ton of promotion for this event. A major caveat is that two night hotel accommodation is included based on double occupancy… so you and a friend or a complete stranger can buddy up and work this race!

Interestingly enough I stumbled upon this event invitation after stubbornly attempting to register for the Macau Grand Prix in November… I was rejected but instructed to keep trying with new president involved in the club there. That wasn’t the only rejection of the day. For the NYC ePrix I wanted to do something different than just flagging. What about scrutineering? A fellow Miata owner I met at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca suggested I reach out to the chief scrutineer in the US. A nice lady named Suzanne that handles these duties for most PRO events on the International level, which means FIA and FIM… which in turn means most of the events are at COTA in Texas. She does WEC, Formula 1, MotoGP, etc.

Her web site is www.Scrutineering.net and I reached out to her to see if I would be so lucky to join her team. The reply was predictable and very much expected. With over 100 people interested in PRO events, the positions are already filled, but spots on the wait list were available. So I requested to be put on this waiting list.

Soon after I shared her web site on my facebook, suggestions to register on MotorsportReg.com started pouring in… which isn’t quite the same thing as that avenue was recruiting people for F&C and Pit marshal roles.

But since I’m determined to work the event practically in my back yard (across a river on the other side of a $15 toll)… I registered there also:

So if you are interested in working a very exciting and super scenic NYC Formula E Grand Prix sign up through whatever channel your marshaling role requires. I personally would prefer to be a scrutineer, but being a pit marshal would be cool too if they accept me. Not sure if I will take advantage of the freebie hotel offer, but I’m sure with friends flying in from around the world it would be neat to spend time right in my “home” city!

Can’t wait for this amazing event to come around… and fingers crossed for Macau too (still… have been trying since 2013).


Formula E is Coming to NYC Racing on a Pier in Brooklyn. Can’t Wait for New York City e-Prix

If I get to volunteer for only one Motorsport event next year, I want it to be this: the inaugural New York City ePrix featuring the FIA Formula E racing series.

All the major media outlets broke the news today about it. And not just places like Motorsport.com and Road & Track but even the New York Times is promoting this sporting event as something very unique. I should certainly hope so. While Formula E is hardly new to the US with feature races taking place in Miami, South Florida in 2015 and Long Beach, Southern California for the past two years (which I missed) the New York City race will be something different.

Here’s a little promo clip:

And here’s the proposed track map:


Man… I can hardly wait for this! Of all the events I’ve done in the past the only one I regret not doing so far was the ePrix in Miami or Cybejaya in Malaysia… now I may actually have a chance. The races on next year’s calendar in Hong Kong and Singapore are proof that this thing is getting really good! I hope to see a lot of success in this form of racing and most definitely want to be a part of it as a marshal.

Woo Hoo!