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How do I travel cheaply?

A lot of people ask me how I could afford to travel to so many events. And they never believe the answer. But the reality is, now its easier than ever to travel on the cheap and I’ve been the luckiest person in the world to have motorsport give me a purpose to travel to some of the most beautiful places around the globe.

I use various resources readily available online to anyone wishing to check them out simply by following the URL web addresses.

First, you want to decide on what events you want to marshal. One resource I found very useful is the Ten-tenths.com forum where a lot of motorsport fans and marshals from around the world gather to discuss events, marshalling opportunities, rules & regulations.

Simply register for an account and post away, or lurk like a lot of people do when they want to remain anonymous. Either way you get free info.

Second, you got to find a way to get there on the cheap. This is often the most expensive part of the journey because it either requires airline tickets, or train tickets, or bus tickets or whatever other mode of transport you chose to take. Even when you drive your own vehicle you will need some fuel or toll money. FlyerTalk forums find ways of optimizing your travel opportunities by getting great deals out there, especially on flights. Many of my flights to Asia, Australia Pacific and Europe were booked on frequent flyer miles.

Third, once you’ve decided where to go and how to get there, you will need accommodation. For me, the best way to do this on the cheap has been through the CouchSurfing.org project. Its an opportunity to stay on somebody’s couch at your destination. Not only that, you make a local friend especially in foreign land who can show you around, show you the local culture, the local cuisine, etc. This has by far been my favorite way of making friends around the world. You have one thing in common with most hosts, and that is the love for travel. What I have been doing recently is offering hosts opportunity to check out racing free of charge as we marshals often get friends and family passes. So it’s a great way to spread the word about motorsports to people that wouldn’t have otherwise purchased their own tickets or even had any interest to go.

Win, win, win!