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Postcard from SCCA racing at Watkins Glen

Part 2 of the Memorial Day weekend saw me Road Trip to the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York for SCCA at Watkins Glen International. This was an interesting experience not just because I had a hard time keeping up with Tim and his V8 powered Dodge Dakota pulling a pop-up; but because I was volunteering an SCCA event as an RSI worker… where one doesn’t need to pay $80 bux to join SCCA to work the Glen, RSI membership is a far more realistic $15 bux a year.

watkins glen 1

But politics aside, it was a great day of racing. First of all I was freezing! Having been wet and cold at Lime Rock the previous two days I found myself relying on my wet weather gear once again in addition to about four other layers just to keep reasonably warm from the bone chilling cold wind. No major incidents happened at the exit to the Bus Stop where I was stationed, except for a little spin during the wings and things race that caused a Formula Vee to ram the tire wall directly across from us.

The dinner after the race and being able to hang out with Tim and other RSI folks in the worker campground was really cool… especially since the guys set up a bon fire and brought a small TV outside so we could watch NASCAR… which promptly put me to sleep ­čÖé What an enjoyable weekend flagging at two different race tracks and actually having a “Road Trip” to get there.

watkins glen 2

PS. What better way to start the day than a lap around Watkins Glen to get to my station.