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Perodua Myvi

Of all the really cool cars Southeast Asia has to offer, my favorite was without a doubt the Malaysian made Perodua Myvi. The car was developed in conjunction with Toyota, which produces both Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Sirion also offered for sale in Singapore and Malaysia… but neither really compares to the good looks of the Myvi.

Some say I was Myvi crazy during my seven month life in Singapore, its true… one look on facebook and every trip I took to Malaysia had dozens and dozens of Myvi pix from everywhere. Stock Myvi’s, modified Myvi’s… the uglier Passo’s and Sirion’s and more Myvi’s. So crazy that I bought two of my own. Couldn’t just settle for one, so I got a white and a red one to take home to the US with me. A friend in Johor Bahru allowed me to use her home address so I can ship them internally in Malaysia from an eBay seller there. To my surprise she actually drives a Myvi, so when I went across the causeway to pick them up, I got my first opportunity to test drive a real thing.

Given an opportunity I’d totally rock one of these when I move to Malaysia ­čÖé

myvi 1


myvi 2

myvi 3

myvi 4

myvi 5

myvi 6

myvi johor