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Caffeine & Carburetors in New Canaan, Connecticut Sept 2017

Greetings from Connecticut! This Sunday my buddy Bill and I convoyed together to New Canaan for one of the biggest Cars & Coffee events I’ve ever been to. I never liked the name: Caffeine & Carburetors but I understand the idea that everyone involved in organizing C&C events try to register a name that someone who’s never been to one could recognize but different enough that the original “cars & coffee” (I’m assuming the one in California or elsewhere on the West Coast where the idea started) don’t sue them for trademark infringement.

Anyway… I took well over 300 photos before my iPhone battery went dead… I’d like to share over 200 of them here. Instead of overwhelming the viewer with all the pix in one post I’m going to break them down a bit… I was considering doing it by car colors, or colorful cars and gray cars… or classics vs. modern. But instead I think it’d be smart to do it by origin or brand home country.

So the menu to come:

Some posts will be longer than others and even though I’m making this first, it’ll contain all the overflow images that didn’t fall into the above categories… so please bear with me.

I have to say I loved the show! I really did… it was massive. Some would say YUGE! It was well organized. Lots of volunteers and cops directing traffic around, which was great. I read about the organizers before coming and how they were debating whether or not to hold these C&C events in 2017… I’m glad they followed through. And I wanted to do my part by becoming a patron in the coffee shop that’s behind the whole idea… but I gotta say that the barista kid that filled my iced chai order messed it up. Not a big deal but… a few pumps of syrup on ice cubes is a freaking weird concoction, but it isn’t chai.

The happy mug shot…

My goal was to see a few cars I’ve seen in pictures on facebook at  previous events. Lucky for me I got to see all of them! The Spyker. The Pagani. The Giulia. The Elan. Le 2CV. The Miura. The Dino GT.  The Lancia’s and all those Alfa Romeo’s.

And here’s the overflow pix that don’t fit into my foreigh/european car lists above…

I really wanted to see this thing up close… and voila!

Funny how many cars wore dealer plates. Are they all for sale? I doubt it… but having access to a dealer plate means you can drive an unregistered and uninsured car to… well a car show like this! The other plates that stood out a lot were all those blue Montana plates.

Lots of bikes in attendance also!

American luxury… the original lux sports utility vehicle… soccer mom machine… road trip highway cruiser!

Back when Saleen Speedsters looked absolutely gorgeous!

Technically Renault owned, but not quite French… AMX!

Bill and I arrived the show fairly late, around 10am… mostly due to us leaving late from New Jersey but also because there was a fatal accident right before our exit on the Merritt Parkway which was a sad sight to see. Luckily though we got perfect parking spots right by the event as many of the early-birds started leaving. We saw a number of cars driving off as we arrived, but the cars we got to see were absolutely amazing!

Would love to come back for more in the future…

Great job guys!


Read more from today’s show here:

Cars & Coffee at Prestige BMW in Ramsey Presented by Lamborghini Paramus & McLaren Bergen County

What’s crazier than Northern New Jersey weather? Warm enough to put the top down in the convertible one day followed by freezing temps and a dusting of snow the next… The car nuts of course… they are crazier! Because there was a ton of them at the Cars & Coffee organized by Cars & Caffe LLC and hosted by Prestige BMW in Ramsey, co-presented by Lamborghini Paramus and McLaren of Bergen County (other fine Prestige brands…) early this Sunday morning… church for car people as I call it. Luckily we have a lot more fancy dealers as hosts to choose from for future events including Radical just down the road from BMW… Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, already had a Maserati event, perhaps Rolls Royce and Bentley would be up for it in the near future…

Where else can you compare the tininess of your Miata against the girth of a Ferrari 458 or a Lamborghini Gallardo?

Here of course. At the Cars & Coffee. Where some people take the event so seriously they bring the whole family along. I’m still trying to figure out where they parked the minivan although I guess it could of been an SUV that brought a whole clan of well-groomed Arabic speaking teens or an equally large group of Filipinos. One thing for sure, the variety of people and cars was outstanding!

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 2

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 4

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 5

Miata Ferrari sandwich. Not one but two awesome 458’s with a California plated MX-5… again I did not manage to meet it’s owner.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 6

McLaren P1 Spider? Oh yes, and those Z3 Coupes were well rep’d!

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 3

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 7

Luckily we didn’t get much snow in my town but cars heading southbound on the highway I was going north on definitely had a few inches of snow that the owners didn’t bother to clean off. It was a very dramatic thunder and lightning storm overnight that made my dog Maxi Max jump in my bed and hide under the covers.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 8

The star of the show for sure… a Lancia Stratos with French plates!

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 9

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 10

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 11

Best part of the dealership hosting the event on such a bone-chilling cold day was the warmth of it’s showroom floor, complete with a wonderful coffee machine where the ten deep line of kids made the wait a little lengthy but long enough to warm up. I loved the classic BMW’s on display, the Lime Rock Edition M3, a 700 Coupe, a 3.0CSi, some cool McLarens, Lamborghini Countach, Ford GT in Gulf colors.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 12

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 13

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 14

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 15

Outside some awesome looking classics too. Like this right hand drive Toyota Soarer across from a Ford Pick up and a Chevy Impala the ’60’s version not the more modern front wheel drive junk.

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 16

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 17

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 18

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 20

American muscle: Hellcat. Italian sports car: Gallardo. Japanese…

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 21

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 19

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 22

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 23

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 26

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 25

cars and coffee prestige bmw ramsey 24

It’s a great time to be growing up as a kid in America. You like cars? Come out to one of these Cars & Coffee and enjoy the hell out of it!