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Daytona plans finalized

Another 4am post, but man do I love it when things just fall into place.

I have just finished organizing the logistics behind my next marshalling event at the Rolex 24 hours of Daytona in January. While I have already posted about the fantastic car rental deal that I got from Orlando Airport, tonight I have booked my flights to actually get there. And it will involve a lengthy bus trip and two new airports to add to my flight map.

Thanks to some heads up on FlyerTalk.com I noticed that while NYC to Florida rates are still up there (South Florida is often referred to as the sixth borough of New York City) there was a tremendous deal from Washington D.C. $50 each way, all taxes included.

So I booked it, DCA-MCO-DCA for $99.60 all in. I will have to stay in Florida an extra day since the cheap flight was only available on Tuesday and I’ll be finished by Monday, but an extra day in Florida in the dead of winter is not a bad thing ­čÖé Luckily I managed to force a reservation change on my Advantage car rental, it took about ten tries hitting submit on the reservation “modify” screen, but it went through, $66 base weekly rate that came out to $105.90 for the full rental period, same charge with the extra day as when I first booked it, nice!

Now how in the world would I get to DC from NYC? Its a 4 hour leisurely drive after all, right? Well yes, but that’s where my old employer comes into play. I booked a $1 Megabus seat in each direction, $2.50 with the online booking fee, all in. It will likely cost me more on the local bus to get to Manhattan and to take the Metro from Union Station to Reagan, but who cares? With $208 final price tag for transportation, I’m still spending a good $100 less than what it would have been to fly more directly. And I get all this adventure along the way.

Now all I have to do is source out some CouchSurfers to show me around Washington DC when I arrive in the middle of the night before my flight, as well as find a couch to crash in Daytona. But I’ll leave that for later. Got a trip to Australia, New Zealand and Malaysia to plan first. I love this logistics stuff!