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NASCAR / IMSA / WGI & RSI Motorsport Safety Seminar

Haven’t seen much publicity about this event, but next week Watkins Glen International and Race Services Inc. are hosting their annual Motorsport Safety Seminar presented by NASCAR (and IMSA) people for all specialties of Motorsport volunteers (though primarily focused on rescue and track restoration services that work directly with NASCAR people during their events).

I think this is a particularly important event, and will be attending.

For anyone interested in Motorsport volunteering in the Upstate New York area, please consider attending also. Would be a great time to join RSI as I’m sure the club would love to have more folks volunteering with them. Lots of interesting events happening at WGI this year!

nascar fire school rsi watkins glen 4

I’m especially looking forward to another session with a fire extinguisher, haven’t pulled a pin on one since last year’s event.

MSS is at WGI April 9 and 10.