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Flights for V8 Supertourers at Hampton Downs booked

I’ve been shopping for cheap flight from Australia to New Zealand for months now, nothing cheap showed up on the horizon until today: Christmas Eve! I was focusing my search on Grabaseat fares from Air New Zealand because while living there earlier this year I had accumulated 309 Airmiles which are equivalent to $309 NZD. Unfortunately none of the flights with Air New Zealand were that cheap, even though I was willing to blow the budget on one shot just to get there and back.

Luckily, I managed to snag an even cheaper deal with Jetstar all in for $206 AUD which is even lower than what I expected to pay for such a trip. Ironically I flew Jetstar MEL-AKL earlier this year after the Australian GP when I lived in New Zealand and it cost $189 which I thought was a pretty decent deal.

I did have to burn some Velocity points that I had accumulated with Virgin Blue when I lived in Australia in 2009, just to get from Sydney to Melbourne, but I have been looking forward to doing that for the longest time.

While I’m pretty thrilled about the deal, I’m kind of pissed that 1). I still have 309 Airmiles to burn through without letting them expire, and 2). what I thought would be a nice three weeks in New Zealand has now been cut down to mere 8 days based on flight availability. Initially, besides the V8 Supertourers I wanted to do a few other events at Hampton Downs or Taupo, but because the cheaper flights were only available on certain days and now I have signed up for Clipsal 500 I didn’t want to chance it. So I’ll be spending way more time in Australia than I had planned, but I won’t complain.

Looking forward to this trip more than anything. Though I am fully aware this trip will ruin me financially as my bank balance will be in negative territory when I return to the US ­čÖü