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Aussie CAMS Officials Newsletter Why aren’t more ASN’s doing this?

I wish I still lived in Australia… back in 2009 I didn’t even know marshaling was possible (on a volunteer basis). Having gone to my very first Automotive Race as a spectator flying across the whole country to watch V8 Supercars around the Barbagallo Circuit in Perth, Western Australia I really thought it was the greatest job in the world. Well, it’s been almost a decade since then and with 15 countries of volunteering under my belt now, I can say nobody does it as well as the Australians, and their latest officials newsletter is a shining example of what should be done to communicate info with their volunteers:

I’ve highlighted and praised their previous newsletters before, to point out what other ASN’s should learn from… and it’s worth doing again this year! Because none of my other international Motorsport club communication looks like this (especially not domestic for that matter)… there’s really no reason why it shouldn’t. I mean come on, look how elegantly simple it is to drive the important points!

But in case it’s not obvious I’ll go ahead and break down the e-mail bit by bit to make it crystal clear how others can copy a successful communications formula.

Step 1: Have a brief introduction, state latest news, wish happy holidays… Boom! Done! Quick! Easy…

Step 2: Promote Training!  Why would you not? It’s important!

Step 3: Communicate club policies, like my favorite… club’s Alcohol Policy!  So far I’ve only heard my North American clubs advertised how shit-faced you can get by coming to their events. How Dumb? But it’s a thing…

I don’t agree with the idea of drinking and volunteering. I believe alcohol abuse has no place in Motorsport Volunteering, or the idea of providing a “Safety” service could be interpreted as a joke… but I know others will disagree. Well, having a proper Alcohol Policy is something all should agree on. Right?

Step 4: Motorsport Volunteering is not just Flagging or Recovery/Response. There are a multitude of groups of volunteers. It’s good to make everyone feel as an equal contributor to the club, and promote club members to consider trying different roles. That is easily done by spotlighting different roles in a newsletter. Boom!

Step 4: Additional updates…. there’s always plenty of general announcements and news.

Step 5: Spotlight some outstanding people that make the club possible… volunteers love praise. Give it to them!

Step 6: Photos! Everyone loves photos… and since we’re not allowed to take some, have photogs help members out by doing a professional shoot at each event, making those shots available to preserve individual marshals memories. Easy thing to do but often overlooked or scoffed at as unimportant. It is important!

And voila… simple recipe to great success.

I encourage ASN’s around the world to use this example from down under… Please!

Team Medical Phillip Island is Looking for Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics and Students (Medical, Nursing, etc.) Great Perks!

If there was ever a time when I regretted making a career choice, this would be it. Why couldn’t I go to medical school? Or why haven’t I followed thru with becoming a Paramedic?

Don’t know… but my Information Systems degree is useless.

If you are however a Doctor, Nurse or a Paramedic. Or even if you haven’t become one yet but are studying to become one, Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit wants YOU!

Check out this ad I saw posted on facebook:

medical team wanted phillip island victoria australia

Unlike the rest of us plebs volunteering for a soggy sandwich and swag, the medics get Accommodation provided, which is a big deal.

If you are local to Melbourne or Victoria in general or have the means to travel there, I’d urge you to sign up! I was lucky enough to work several events at Phillip Island in 2013 including the SBK Superbikes and it was a fantastic experience!

Invitation to Marshal SBK Superbike Championship at Phillip Island, Australia

Every year, without fail, I get a thick envelope in the mail from Australia inviting me to marshal the SBK Superbike World Championship round at Phillip Island. And since I’m invited, you’re invited through this blog post!

It’s such a heartwarming experience opening the envelope and seeing the invitation letter and application forms… it’s awesome! No other organization has had such a great follow up like the team staffing this FIM event at an incredible racetrack: Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit about 2 hour drive outside of Melbourne, Victoria. And I wish I could have tacked on this event to my upcoming trip to Bathurst in 2016, but there’s just too much time between the two events.

sbk superbike world championship phillip island marshal invitation 2016

The last time I participated at Phillip Island for this event was 2013, working rescue at “Siberia” turn. It was incredible!

I highly recommend this event to anyone interested in marshaling. The racing is fantastic. The crowd of spectators is huge and very enthusiastic. And the marshaling team treats you really well.

Interested? Get in touch, I’ll forward on the application paperwork.

Wish I could go…

Invitation to Marshal the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix (MotoGP at Phillip Island)

Every year I get a thick envelope from Australia containing several sheets of an application to register for a Phillip Island motorcycle event. This year I’ve gotten two of them, one for World SBK superbikes an event that I volunteered in 2013 and another for the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix featuring MotoGP on the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit.

This is an incredible opportunity for any Motos fans out there. Australia embraces it’s motorcycling culture (both legitimate and the bikey gang subculuture) and these SBK/MotoGP events are attended in huge numbers.

The event where I worked Siberia corner we had a whole display of spectator bikes parked up behind the turn with all the attendees watching the racing and admiring each other’s bikes. It was so cool.

australian motorcycle grand prix invitation

To apply send me a quick note via facebook and I will forward my application to you. If you are considering this event from outside of Australia or New Zealand consider that Malaysian MotoGP is back to back with the event at Phillip Island. And if you think Australia is bike crazy, you can only imagine how big the event is at Sepang International Circuit (it’s huge both from spectator perspective as well as from the marshal’s point of view).

Go register now!

You will absolutely enjoy it.


Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix web site:  http://www.motogp.com.au/

MotoGP web site: http://www.motogp.com/

Motorcycling Australia web site: http://www.ma.org.au/

Australian F1 Grand Prix

Greetings from the Formula 1 season opener in Melbourne, Victoria. Excellent start so far for the Australian F1 Grand Prix… started the day with the two seater rides early in the morning, followed by practice for V8 Supercars, Porsche Carerra Cup Australia, Historics/Sports Cars/Can Am, Australian Targa Cars and the silly Celebrity challenge in the diesel powered Mazda 6 fleet.

Some photos:

australian gp 5

australian gp 2

australian gp 3

australian gp 4

australian gp refresher training

And a shot from Narra Photography (the official photog of the Aussie officials): http://www.narraphotography.com.au/p419732905

Shannon’s Historics at Phillip Island debrief

Sensational weekend spent at Phillip Island with the Shannon’s Historics races, featuring a bunch of British cars, a bunch of Italian cars, and even a bunch of American cars. Everything from Mustangs to Corvettes, Alfa Romeo’s to Jaguars, and one of my favorites: Bug Eyed Sprites 🙂

I had the luck of having a “personal photographer” this weekend. My friend Ian took some awesome shots of me in action flagging at station 9.1 overlooking spectacular scenery that is Phillip Island.

shannons 5

shannons phillip island 1 shannons phillip island 2

shannons phillip island 3(favorite Aussie food: Fish & Chips!)

shannons 6

shannons phillip island 4(New Yorker a long way from home…!)

Did I mention blue flagging for Porsche Can Am cars was my favorite event? Yes it was!

phillip island shannons historics 1

phillip island shannons historics 2

phillip island shannons historics 3

phillip island shannons historics 4

Post card from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Greetings from Melbourne. Had to collect my F1 credentials early thanks to a last minute trip planned early next week to Sydney to visit my old job. And thanks to Phillip Island historics this weekend, won’t have much time to return to the mustering tent.

Had an excellent time walking the paths at Albert Park, up to the pit lane area for both F1 and V8 Supercars. Got my cool F1 AGP cap, poster, stickers, program, and two guest passes for friends and family.

melbourne 2

melbourne 3

melbourne 4

melbourne 5

Russ meets V8 Supercars

all ford day 1

I was going through some old pictures and came across this gem… taken in March 2009 at the All Ford Day in Geelong, Victoria.

This was my introduction to the Australian V8 Supercars. Prior to this day I knew very little about them. On this day I got extremely lucky as both Mark Winterbottom and Steve Richards signed my goofy FPV/FPR (Ford Performance Vehicles/Ford Performance Racing) hat that I bought to protect my skull from scorching Ozzie sun. I was reluctant to let them sign it when a buddy of mine suggested it, because… wait for it… I didn’t want to ruin the hat!  LOL

all ford day 2

Those were amazing days. At the very start of my year down under, when the financial crisis hit in the US and I decided to change my two week tourist visa to a one-year working holiday in Australia. The best thing I ever did in my life. Only way it would have been better if I had gotten involved in motorsports there, but I honestly didn’t know I could. A few days after this picture was taken I walked the F1 set up track at Albert Park, but left Melbourne for Sydney before the race because I got a job there. A few months later I flew to Perth, Western Australia to watch my first V8 Supercars race live, thanks to another Ford buddy of mine that invited me there and shouted the tickets to the race.

australian V8s barbagallo

Before I left Australia I decided to gift my Melbourne host a V8 Race driving experience around Calder Park. So I bought two of them and got some wheel time as well. It was all fun until I spun it off into the grass and my instructor completely freaked out.

v8 race 1

v8 race 2

v8 race 3

I love Australia!