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Updated Wish List of Events I Want to Marshal in the Near Future

The 2017 Racing season is in full effect now and it looks like it will be a pretty busy one for me… but with the whole NYC Formula E recruitment woes and the anticipated rejections for Macau GP I’ve been reminiscing about a post I made at the end of 2014 called the “Wish List” and all the events I would love to work… So in this post I’d like to take a look back and totally Trump-style pat myself on the back for all my accomplishments and failures.

Read about my 2014 Marshaling Wish List click here.

The Accomplishments:

Spa 24h at Spa-Francorchamps… Big mission accomplished with this event… for two years in a row actually! The track and the race are some of my favorite events ever… in the world. Period!

 Malaysian Merdeka… or perhaps the renamed Sepang 12h race at SIC: Sepang International Circuit. Mission accomplished on that one… almost by chance, because I worked two events in the Middle East but it was too expensive to stay there, so I flew to Southeast Asia to work an awesome 12h race… and then I came back to do it again in 2015 while on a trip to Bangkok for a wedding, which was amazing… highly recommend that event. Especially since it’s affiliated with Blancpain Series and SRO as part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge.

 Oak Tree Grand Prix is a massive accomplishment which was totally unexpected… Why? Because on the previous Wish List post I suggested this was a “no thanks!” event since they don’t want volunteers for their paid events. Well, an opportunity came up last year not to flag, but to work as pit fire. I jumped on it and had a time of my life. I loved it so much I returned this year for the PWC race to work with VIR fire rescue and this time I was the “hooker” riding around on a truck and hooking crashed cars to the tow truck. It was soooooo amazing! Would highly recommend this.

 DTM! My plan was to work Deutsche Touring Cars in Deutschland… but I got the next best thing working DTM at the Zandvoort Circuit in the Netherlands super close to the beach and just an hour outside of Amsterdam which turned out to be an amazing opportunity and event overall. Mission accomplished for the series, but also added 15th country to my list of places to volunteer. Still would love to do another German track besides the Nurburgring, or better yet schedule two consecutive events involving the Nordschleife and something else. Will see…

The Failures:

 Dubai 24h race in the UAE…. I signed up and then didn’t go. And that’s a horrible, horrible thing to do! I hate when people cancel on events they register for. But I did, and it was bad. But I’d like to fix this in the future and participate in the awesome Dubai 24 hour event in the future, perhaps?

 Pokka 1000 didn’t happen for me. I even enlisted help of a famous Ukrainian race car driver who was huge in Japan, Igor Sushko… whom put me in touch with the head of marshals at the Suzuka Circuit and I was rejected. Maybe expected. Maybe not. I heard people talking about working there who weren’t Japanese, but to me it was suggested that the track requirements forbid it. Sad! Igor suggested bigger events than Japanese Super GT… for example Formula 1 or MotoGP would be easier to sign up for. But I truly really want to work a Super GT race in it’s current format.

So my 2017 Updated Wish List of places to marshal in the future is:

A Must:

I want to do this event soooo bad! The Macau Grand Prix is still #1 on my list… Will it ever happen? Maybe…

 So this is an interesting one… I wanted to work Super GT at Buriram or wherever it was run in Thailand but that seemed like a one time deal. Now the Asian Le Mans series runs in Thailand and even though the country is super welcoming to tourists it is not necessarily as friendly towards “workers” or “volunteers” for Motorsport. Despite my numerous trips there, I have failed to establish a Marshaling connection to volunteer in this country, and I would really really like to!

 MotoGP at Losail International Circuit is really growing on me. But I haven’t made it happen yet. I must do it one day!

 DTM at the Red Bull Ring. I established a contact there and was told they would welcome foreign marshals. But it hasn’t happened yet. One day though… it’s a must!

 Supercars on the streets of Gold Coast. My last wish list included V8’s around Mount Panorama, the Bathurst 1000 but I think the same cars on the streets of Gold Coast would be a million times better for another visit back to the land down under.

Would be Nice:

 Brasil and South America sort of dropped a peg from my previous Wish List. Why? Not quite sure but I certainly wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to work there except I still refuse to pay the outrageous reciprocal fee they charge to get a visa for most of the Latin American countries. So Sao Paolo is on ice. But maybe one day?

 Much like Latin America not much is really happening in South Africa. I really really really want to go there. I think it would be a fantastic opportunity but nothing has jumped out at me to sign up and go just yet. It’s on the list, but it’s more of a long term plan than something that will happen imminently.

 WTCC goes to Marrakech, Morocco. I’ve been to Marrakech before and it was an amazing experience. Flew there on Ryanair and almost didn’t leave because the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers went on strike potentially leaving us stranded in North Africa. It was a great experience and cars racing on the streets of the beautiful city would be quite a site to see. So if South Africa doesn’t happen to me in the near future, maybe Morocco could be more doable? Who knows… but I wouldn’t mind.

 Screw Quebec… Always giving me shit at the border to go to Montreal for F1 and all that jazz at the track about taking pictures, but I would really love to check out two tracks one of them in QC… Trois-Rivières! The other Calabogie, in nearby Ontario. The first track is Northeast from Montreal and holds some cool events I wouldn’t mind marshaling. The other is several hours north of Canadian Tire Motorsports Park which I love to visit and it too holds interesting events. I would love to add them to my list!

Meh! Sure, why not?

 Something in Mexico City… Formula 1 or WEC? I thought Mexico would be easy to marshal. It hasn’t been. The people I reached out to in order to sign up for Formula 1 event when it came back to Mexico didn’t help me one bit which really sucked because they sure talked a lot of shit when we worked together in Canada or Long Beach… but perhaps it would happen in the future. I would love to add Mexico to the list of countries I marshaled.

 Baku F1 was going to be one of those super practical events because American Airlines treat Azerbaijan as Europe (so does F1 calling it GP of Europe) which means award flights only use a ridiculously low amount of points, half in fact what they charge for Bahrain which is really nearby. But I never got invited here, even though there seems to be a ton of traffic coming to my blog from that area and since there’s such a close relationship with Bahraini marshals. Surprised it didn’t happen yet, but maybe it will in the future?

 Despite working with a whole ton of Czech marshals from Le Mans to Spa-Francorchamps I have never heard… “hey, come join us at Brno!” Weird how that happens. But their track looks fantastic, Moto events there seem amazing. Maybe one day?

 The problem with Sentul International Circuit in Indonesia is that nothing seems to happen there. I almost booked a flight once to correspond to the Asian Le Mans Series round at Sentul hoping I could volunteer there but the round got moved to Sepang in Malaysia instead. I would love to add Sentul to my list. I’ve been to Indonesia a bunch of times, Bali, Jakarta, Batam (by boat from Singapore)… and it’s a beautiful country. It would be so cool to work an event there. Maybe MotoGP would come back? I know it would be super appropriate there, everyone uses Motorcycles and Scooters.


What else? Am I missing places I should add to my Wish List? Some I have consciously bumped off like Monaco, because why bother? But I’m sure there’s something I’m overlooking. Like Isle of Man… or?

Mazda MX-5: The Wishlist

I’ve sworn off modding another car after I dumped thousands on Supercharging a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor years ago and selling the car for just a fraction of what I put into it… but here I go again, modding another car. Little by little…

Luckily, hi-flow exhaust and forced induction are not on a list of mods for my Miata, but there are some things that are quite pricey. The necessary mods have already been done, like getting a second set of wheels for summer/winter use. I got a spare donut for future road trips. I got the licence plate mounted without drilling holes in the front bumper, pricey but necessary mod to avoid getting pulled over (as people do that don’t mount the front license plate that is required in New Jersey).

This post will act as a list of future mods that I wish to do to my car, and the reason why I want to acquire those things eventually.

The Wishlist:

  • Dash Cam
  • Intermittent windshield wiper (RX-8/Mazda 6) [June 22, 2016]
  • All weather/rubber MX-5 floor mats
  • MX-5 Custom Car Cover
  • Trunk Key Hole chrome ring
  • Fix few small dings/dents with paintless dent removal (PDR)
  • BOSE door speakers (they buzz)
  • Covercraft Sunshade  [June 18, 2016]

I’ll also use this post to update things that I bought as a result of this list. Among them are the Covercraft sunshade I’ve been eager to get this summer to help keep the temps cooler in the car while it’s parked outside. Quite a few times I’ve gotten into the car whether at home or at work, and the steering wheel would be burning hot from baking in direct sunshine. Well, the sunshade will fix that. I managed to snag a display unit from eBay for about half of what they’re listed new: $35 shipped… It looks beautiful!

covercraft sunshade miata mx-5
Mazda MX-5 Miata Covercraft sunshade in Gold

sunshade mx-5

Being a display model there were a few imperfections, like the small tears in the reflective material where the threading punctures through at the bottom of the sunshade, and a crease across the top where someone obviously tried to fold this thing.

mx-5 sunshade gold covercraft

sun shade mx-5 miata covercraft

But this is something I could live with, and I’m sure it would have been inevitable while handling the sunshade in the limited space inside the car. I can see how easy it is to mangle the thing while trying to put it up on the windshield and using the sun visors to hold it in place.

As far as the items on the wish list. The Dash Cam is a necessary accessory because every time I drive somewhere someone tries to run me off the road. Driving such a small car makes you invisible. The intermittent windshield wiper module is necessary because the stock unit is not very good at controlling the speed of the wipers, they’re either too fast or too slow. Floor mats I need for those muddy days at Watkins Glen or other circuits. The chrome ring around the keyhole on the rear bumper is purely for aesthetics. And a car cover is for that time when I’m away and the car is in the driveway for weeks at a time.

The intermittent windshield wiper switch is on the way. Used eBay to make an offer of $30 for a used one and it was accepted, shipping from Texas included. Will post up pictures once it’s on the car.

Update June 22, 2016

Got two of my best offers accepted via eBay, and now have two Intermittent windshield wiper switches. The second one was also for $30 bux from a shop in Linden, NJ so I went and picked it up today. The install went as follows:

intermittent windshield wiper switch mazda6 for mx-5

3 screws to take the cover off, and 2 screws to get the module out
3 screws to take the cover off, and 2 screws to get the module out
this unit is tiny! compared to similar Ford modules I replaced on my Crown Vic CVPI
this unit is tiny! compared to similar Ford modules I replaced on my Crown Vic CVPI
happy to see different Mazda components fit from Mazda6 and Mazda RX-8 onto a Mazda MX-5
happy to see different Mazda components fit from Mazda6 and Mazda RX-8 onto a Mazda MX-5

intermittent wiper switch rx-8 mx-5 mazda6

mazda6 rx-8 intermittent wiper switch miata

Done and done!

UPDATE August 2015: The Dash Cam has been installed: A118C

mazda mx-5 miata gt prht sunshade dash cam 5

mazda mx-5 miata gt prht sunshade dash cam 4

mazda mx-5 miata gt prht sunshade dash cam 3

mazda mx-5 miata gt prht sunshade dash cam 2

mazda mx-5 miata gt prht sunshade dash cam 1