Thank you Marshals!

As I have now started my first full week – working again (two jobs, ugh!) I’ve had the time to reflect on the recent racing I’ve done and the fact that I’ve been ‘forced’ not to register for future F1 events including Canada and Singapore. It was not an easy decision to make, to be sure, but a necessary one. This hobby is not cheap… even while living on a shoe-string budget and traveling with minimal expenses it still adds up. It adds insult to injury when you come back from an event in a bad mood, because of the treatment you receive.

Watching a “Thank You Marshals” video from Australia did make me smile though…

…because despite feeling unappreciated, taken advantage of and often times downright abused by the organizers with all the rules and ridiculous expectations, we are an integral part of motorsport and I wish more people would consider volunteering in the future.

It would be better for all of us.