The Future is Electric

With the off season fast approaching in the northern hemisphere we’ll soon be left with nothing but planning left to do for the future, and as FIA Formula E promo video says: The Future is Electric!

I love the concept of this new type of racing. I mean any racing is good racing, but electric is neat as hell. It’s different, it’s relevant and hopefully it will encourage more people to actually become fans, as the fan base for traditional racing is dropping off at an alarming rate, whether here in North America, the Pacific, Asia or the rest of the world.

Sports cars are my favorite type of race cars even more so than open wheelers, and what do you know? There’s an electric entry in next year’s Le Mans 24 hour garage 56 as well. Making its second debut, after the short lived Nissan DeltaWing project that has now morphed into a more problematic and much uglier looking Elon DeltaWing coupes in ALMS – err United SportsCar Series, the Nissan ZEOD brings sexy back!

I’ve got to see the plastic version in person at this year’s Le Mans, next to that cool looking Nissan ZEOD LEAF racer. And they’re just very sleek looking race cars. I know they’ll go like hell too. I once had a Mini Cooper E that my old job was testing for BMW. Though I only had it for the weekend the power and the notion of instant, on demand acceleration and speed in that car was incredible. The idea that Formula E will run on city streets that will feature remote charging lanes for eventual introduction of electric buses on those same streets is brilliant. Even though we as marshals will probably have to use full body KERS suits, like the gloves we already use in Formula 1 (which by the way has contributed much of the technology for Formula E via Renault and Williams and McLaren) it should  be an interesting time to be a part of it!

I want to see more!