The Officials Newsletter by Lynne Huntting

Another positive feature of the United States Grand Prix has been the Officials Newsletter by Lynne Huntting, the publisher of Motorsport blog and a long time San Francisco Region SCCA marshal. We’ve actually met a number of times now, like Australian GP in Melbourne and the Monterey Sports Car race at Laguna Seca, not to mention the past three US Grand Prix in Austin. But this is the first time she’s got a bunch of pictures of me in the newsletters and the least I could do is thank her publicly for it.

officials newsletter turn 11c usgp cota

officials newsletter marshal pit walk cota

Lynne assembled a team of photographers to publish the newsletter every day of the event, distributing them in full color format every morning to let us have a read during the downtime on post. And what a brilliant idea that is, showing all the marshals they are recognized and appreciated for their volunteering.

officials newsletter mustering tent cota

It also occurred to me to give Lynne a #MarshalCam patch for the work she does because, her and the team actually do take proper photos of the marshals in actions when we are not allowed to do so ourselves.


To download the four Newsletters published, click links below:

Friday Issue 1:
Saturday Issue 2:
Sunday Issue 3:
Post Event Issue 4:

I would also encourage you to read Lynne’s blog at: 

Thank you Lynne!

All photos are courtesy of the Officials Newsletter Team

officials newsletter ferrari challenge cota

officials newsletter porsche supercup cota

officials newsletter f1 usgp cota