The Road to Le Mans, France

I don’t think there’s an automotive enthusiast out there that doesn’t know what the 24 hours of Le Mans is all about. My goal for 2013 is to marshal this race and so far the road to le Mans has been full of uncertainty.

But, like many other races I’ve done over my short marshaling career, this one is a priority. I’ve been quite fortunate making contacts over the past few races with people that have either done the 24hr enduro or will be doing it again next year, those contacts have been excellent. Similarly, people on the forums, complete strangers, have been offering useful advice which I hope will materialize into my participation there.

One of the most interesting attractions of working this race for me is not just trying to pretend I speak French, but exposure to some amazing technology, like the teaser about Green GT

I’m a huge fan of green technology – the whole hybrid idea, and would love to see this in action, whatever it actually is. Reading the history of Le Mans its fascinating to know that the series first saw KERS in use ten years before Formula 1 adopted the idea, technology brought to the game by the ALMS founder Don Panoz. I’m sure whatever 2013 holds in store will be historic. Hopefully I’ll be there. More info about Le Mans: