Top 5 Reasons to Marshal at Lime Rock

Marshal Cam Challenge, should you choose to accept it, seeks your opinion on the Top X reasons to marshal at your track. Tracks could be numerous if you marshal in different places, and as a reward for each video you will receive a nifty #MarshalCam patch. Here’s mine:

The Top 5 reasons I marshal at Lime Rock are:

#5 Location:

Lime Rock is situated in beautiful Berkshire Hills of Northwestern Connecticut, close to the Massachusetts and Upstate New York border. It’s only about two hour drive from New Jersey where I live, but a completely different atmosphere on a hot and humid summer’s day. Surrounded by lush greenery it’s always cooler and more comfortable to be at Lime Rock.

#4 Track’s size:

Lime Rock is tiny by modern track standards and yet it somehow works by presenting enough challenges to the competitors and plenty of great viewing spots for the spectators. As a marshal it’s easy to get to any point on the track from just about anywhere by simply walking across the hill in the middle of the track.

#3 Spectators:

The die hard fans that frequent Lime Rock are great people to make motorsport friends with. Especially if you’re camping. The spectator campground and most of the viewing areas are within the track atop the hill, so you have no choice but to mingle. I have always had a great time interacting with the spectators here.

#2 Food:

Lime Rock catering always puts on a great spread for the marshals after the majority of events we volunteer. The food has a home cooked quality to it, especially when they bring out big trays of lasagne, fried chicken and even salad tastes excellent here. Lime Rock has sponsorship from a local brewery and dinner always comes with two flavors of beer on tap. I’m not much of a drinker but I always have a cup with my meal. It’s awesome.

#1 Racing:

Without a doubt the quality of racing at Lime Rock is outstanding. The track is small, there are some elevation changes and for people like me who like to blue flag it is heaven. Especially when prototypes are paired with GT cars and there is a tremendous difference in speed. But also for other events like Trans Am, Vintage or even SCCA club racing. When it takes something like 40+ seconds to do a lap, your arm hurts from all the blue flagging. It’s fantastic!

The video was shot after the first practice day for the Vintage series being held at Lime Rock over the Labor Day weekend. Some of my favorite machinery on display, of which there were many rare and interesting finds, were all the Italians. It was like a Mafia get together with all the wonderful Abarth variations from Fiat 500 derived to Simca. Lots of Alfa Romeos and even an Alfa Romeo Ferrari which I have now seen racing at several places around the world including New Zealand and Australia.

Some photos for your viewing pleasure:

lime rock vintage abarth

lime rock vintage abarth 1000

lime rock vintage abarth simca

lime rock vintage ferrari

lime rock vintage alfa romeo ferrari

Consider doing your own Marshal Cam Challenge. Send me a video from your track (or multiple tracks if you’re lucky enough to have that privilege) and I’ll be happy to send you a Marshal Cam patch for each video. Many thanks!