Trip booked for United States Grand Prix

I like to share a good deal when I see one, and the deal I just booked for the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas is pretty good. Unlike the international Grand Prix where I either drove or relied on frequent flyer miles, I decided to find the cheapest flight available. And as one could imagine the flights from NYC area to Austin in November aren’t cheap. But the nice thing about Austin its only 2.5 hour drive from Houston or 3.5 hour drive from Dallas. So my search focused on those two cities. To my amazement, EWR-IAH (Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental) was a fairly low $249 all in with American Airlines. This works well for me because generally speaking, good deals posted on FlyerTalk betwen east and west coasts go between $200 and $300… middle of the country is generally more, so with a month to go, a deal under $300 is a genuinely good deal that will net me some much needed AAdvantage miles I could use for flights overseas.

My car rental deal is even  better. While advertises Hotwire deals for some $13.95+ a day, it comes out to roughly $125 taxes included. After playing around with a Hertz web site, whom I rented from several times before, I got the same car for $102 all in. Renting directly from Hertz allows me to get some FlyingBlue miles which I expect to use next year for my Euro Trip when marshalling Silverstone and LeMans. Now if only I could find a CouchSurfer to host me for the duration of the race, I’ll be a very happy camper 🙂