Triple Endurance Road Trip debrief

It will definitely take more than one post to describe the most amazing trip I have taken to volunteer in recent memory, but I must start the story somewhere… so this is a very high level overview, a teaser if you will, of what happened. And why I would recommend the trip to anyone even remotely interested in motorsports and especially those marshaling!

This summer I was on a trip of a lifetime… an Endurance Marathon that involved the most famous races in the world, the most well known circuits and some of the most challenging sports car series out there. I am of course talking about the Le Mans 24 hours which is by far the biggest race in the world, period. The Nurburgring 24 hours which is perhaps the most famous racetrack in the world that is Nordschelife. And the Six hours at the Glen which proved to be one of the best experiences I had with the Tudor United SportsCar series though one that proved that the Balance of Performance is still out of whack but is getting better with every race, and endurance racing is alive and well in America.

I have also had a chance to visit a new country on my Euro Trip: Belgium and the fantastic cities of Brussels and Bruge. In fact the Road Trip took me through four countries: Belgium, France, Germany and the Netherlands; Four circuits including Circuit de la Sarthe, the Nordschleife, Nurburgring, and Spa-Francochamps and Zolder in Belgium as a tourist. I flagged the entirety of the six hour race at Watkins Glen followed by a six hour drive home which was awesome. It’s always a pleasure visiting the Seneca Lake region of Upstate New York especially when the home in New Jersey gets unbearably hot.

All in all the last three weeks of my life went by perfectly. I took a lot of pictures that I will be sharing with the readers. Quite a few videos which will undoubtedly get me in trouble. And interviewed some very experienced marshals that I will share with the world of racing enthusiasts on my Marshal Cam facebook page to recruit new volunteers. The three chapters of this story will be published shortly.

Enjoy the read, the photos and the videos!

Le Mans 24h teaser:

le mans 24h

Nurburgring 24h teaser:

nurburgring 24h

Six hours at the Glen unauthorized video:

six hour at the glen