Trips to Austin Booked, Both of Them

If there’s one thing I like as much if not more than marshaling it is flying and organizing the logistics for my trips. This post will try to capture my excitement of getting a great deal for the two COTA events I have planned this year.

It’s no secret, I tend to monitor the flight deals for events pretty early on in advance, and often times right up until the trip is about to commence. Sometimes I book flights using frequent flyer miles I collect thanks to advice from or; and other times I take advantage of mistake fares. Or in this case: fare wars  between competing airlines.

I just booked a killer deal to Saint Lucia which I recommended to my sister and her family and she talked me into going with them so I can spend more time with my baby nephew. Well shortly after completing the booking I came across a post advertising a trip to Austin for mere $54 all in, one way. Sure it’s going from Boston, but at that price it is significantly cheaper than any of the NYC fares, which push $300 on a round trip basis. So for $108 I booked a round trip to the Lone Star Le Mans and another for the Untied States Grand Prix. How will you get to Boston you may wonder? Well, thanks to Megabus, I’ve taken advantage of the $1 one ways not just from Manhattan to Boston, but also from Austin to Houston since I’ll be flying home from there. This definitely put’s the “Road Trip” into Grand Prix Road Trip.


I love flying, and I cannot wait to the adventure I’m about to embark on. I chose JetBlue over the legacy carriers (United and American) because they allow free checkin luggage, which after my Euro Trip I’ll be sure to bring a tent along so I can camp at COTA. Also flying to Austin will eliminate the need for a rental car, and hopefully I’ll save some money compared to the other trips I’ve taken to Texas.

If anyone needs help booking flights for your motorsport trips, do get in touch. I love a challenge of organizing logistics.