Video: Share Your Road Trip

To overcome the fear of shyness I’m just going to do it: video blog!

A little preview from the Globik web site I created initially in Singapore to focus on my travel stories (until I realized I had already owned a perfect domain for that sort of thing for the past few years, that is ┬áD’oh!) Either way, they’re both put to excellent use now focusing on my marshalling hobby and all that it entails including travel by car or plane, discovering local cultures and tasting delicious international cuisines. Likewise the video blog will complement both web sites, and hopefully I’ll get others to contribute their input as well.

For the race fans there is already plenty of video footage from a number of perspectives, not just spectator view but also driver view, various car component views, etc. Hopefully here we can share the marshal’s view. A lot of legwork will have to be done to comply with various organizing bodies so as not to infringe on any TV rights. But it ought to be interesting nonetheless. A cap mounted GoPro may be cool, but realistically we’ll probably share some thoughts from a mobile phone camera or the like. Keeping it amateur but interesting, as embarrassing as it is to have your phone facing you while you talk and all the bystanders stare ­čÖé It’s a Voyeurous world we live in!