What I love most about SCCA


No question about it… I don’t go to the track for the beer or the people that get shitfaced on it. Saying this outloud at a few events didn’t win me any friends. And I’m well aware of my reputation as someone very critical of the organization that essentially licenses me to be a volunteer marshal in the US (hey… is it wrong to expect a little something for the $85/year membership fee I pay, like say training?)

But what is absolutely, unquestionably amazing about SCCA is it’s racing, especially on the Pro level: Pirelli World Challenge, Trans-Am, Playboy Miata MX-5 Cup, etc. And thanks to the pitiful performance of the other professional series in the US falling flat on it’s face race after race, SCCA Pro is an amazing alternative.

It’s a bit of a shame I didn’t get to pencil in a single race this season where I could volunteer for the series. Partly I think it’s because they run as a support race to other races, like IndyCar which I haven’t given much priority this year over others. BUT I will definitely make a bigger effort to work at least one Pirelli World Challenge sports car event next season.

The first year I volunteered for World Challenge, the fastest cars seemed to be Cadillac’s and Volvo’s, with an occasional Corvette reaching the top spot in a field full of Camaros and Mustangs; which was a little “meh” in comparison to the amazing machinery of ALMS or Grand-Am at the time. The following year with the addition of some GT3 technology like the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG and Audi R8 the flood gates opened for even more exciting stuff. I got to see McLarens, Lambos and Bentleys race in Europe and the Middle East, now I can watch them race much closer to home.

If only SCCA Pro could organize a few events (preferably endurance) where the Pirelli World Challenge isthe feature race, with Trans-Am, Playboy Miata MX-5 Cup and perhaps some open wheel series like USF1600 or USF2000 could act as support races, we could have an incredible weekend on par to those organized by IndyCar or IMSA. For the love of God SCCA please make it happen. Please!

trans am lime rock park

Trans Am feature event at Lime Rock scca pro world challenge mercedes sls amg

Pirelli World Challenge support race to V8 Supercars, Austin 400 at Circuit of the Americas long beach gp 4

Pirelli World Challenge support race to IndyCar & ALMS at Long Beach Grand Prixdetroit gp 4Pirelli World Challenge support race to IndyCar & Grand-Am at Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix