Woo Hoo I’m going to Korean GP

All gangnam style jokes aside, I managed to get myself into the Korean F1GP… very last minute I must add but who cares when I get to do another major event this season.

Korea was a remote possibility a while ago when I was getting excited about Abu Dhabi GP, my plan was to get in touch with Singapore GP folks and see if I can join their international visiting team of marshals. That’s what ended up happening a mere two weeks before the race which means I had to totally scramble to book flights and find accommodation. I’m seriously cringing at the thought of how much it will all cost me, but am also very excited to be part of the action since I’ve worked with so many Koreans before… including a post chief from KGP that was a flagger on my station in Singapore and another friend Tae whom I’ve now met at three different races this year alone… Australia, Canada and Singapore.

So Korea here I come…. http://koreangp.kr/

I’m looking forward to checking out a new city: Seoul and a new country: South Korea on this trip to Asia… I’m also thrilled to do my second round-the-world trip in two months, flying Singapore Airlines from NYC to Singapore via Frankfurt, connecting to Seoul… then flying Hawaiian Airlines for the first time to Honolulu, Hawaii for the first time, connecting at Los Angeles, Dallas and onto Atlanta.

PS. I’m not only pissed about the last minute nature of the trip and the costs involved, but also about the fact that I now have to scramble to arrive Petit LeMans… I was planning to be at Road Atlanta for all five days of the event, but now will have to miss at least two practice days because my flight from Korea to Atlanta doesn’t arrive until October 17… rental cars seem pretty pricey in ATL as well, but I love a challenge of finding a deal.